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Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear friends of wind art,

just now the successful opening was held with many artists present and already the wind art festival continues:
The exhibition is really different every day and in every weather. It is worth visiting several times.
The video contributions are shown in the public library Hofgeismar and online.
On Saturday the August 21st and on Saturday August 28th there will be guided tours of the exhibition starting at 2 p.m. at the Diemelbrücke, for which registration by email is required.
The hiking portal has worked out a hiking route between the exhibition sites.
On Sunday, August 22nd there will be a kite performance by Ton Ostveen from Belgium in the afternoon between 2 and 4 pm.
Here you can get a first cinematic impression at Hessisches Fernsehen.
We are looking forward to seeing you!

Kind regards
Reta Reinl

Please pay attention to the valid corona rules.

The video contributions to the 10th wind art festival "bewegter wind" will be shown in the Hofgeismar public library

Stadtbücherei, Marktstraße 18, 34369 Hofgeismar

Opening hours:

Monday 14:00 - 18:30
Tuesday 14:00 - 18:30
Wednesday 11:00 - 18:30
Thursday 14:00 - 18:30
Friday 11:00 - 16:00

You can also find the videos here on the site under:



Opening of "change?!" on Sunday 15th of Aug. 2021

The time has come: on Sunday, 15.8.2021, the exhibition of the 10th wind art festival "bewegter wind" will open at both exhibition venues at the Kramberg in Hofgeismar (Schießbach 5) and at the Diemelbrücke (Schwiemelkopf) near Liebenau Ostheim in the Reinhardswald Nature Park. Wind objects, installations, actions and videos on the theme of "change?!" will be on display in impressive landscape settings. Pack a picnic, think of sturdy shoes and look forward to art, wind and landscape.

Everything is in the fresh air, you can go alone and in small groups and keep your distance without any problems. You can register with the Luca app, or fill out admission slips. Please note the current Corona instructions and the hygiene concept on our website. The routes and parking facilities are signposted. As always, blue ribbons will show the way.

The exhibitions at both venues are open from 11 am. Even without an official opening at a fixed time, we very much look forward to your visit. Corona-spontaneous guided tours are possible depending on the number of visitors. You will find detailed directions here under exhibition venues. The list of artists will give you a first impression of what to expect.

Due to current events, we are unfortunately not yet able to inform you of the location for the video presentation. You can find all the videos online.

Press release and photos here in the download area.

Art experiences on the mountain and in the river valley

10th International Art Competition "bewegter wind" 2021 on the theme "Change?!"

After intensive planning and consideration, it is now certain: the popular wind art festival "bewegter wind" in North Hesse can take place! From August 15th to 29th, 2021, 58 artists from Germany and around the world will show their installations, videos and performances. This year's locations are Hofgeismar and Liebenau in the Reinhardswald Nature Park in northern Hesse. The moving wind is a free outdoor exhibition, accessible at any time, that captivates art connoisseurs and nature lovers alike.

Extended Deadline

New Deadline
27th April 2020

Corona influences everything in these bizarre times. We have received many inquiries whether the 10th wind art festival on the subject of "change?!" can take place from 16th to 30st August 2020.
We cannot say this for sure in the daily changing news.But we assume that an open-air event in late summer has a good chance of realization.
We will react in every phase of development and adjust our planning.

The first adjustment in corona times:
We are extending the deadline for the 10th "moving wind" ideas competition on the theme of "change?!" until Monday, April 27, 2020.

With each additional week, we will be able to better assess the situation. We hope that this will help us to counteract the uncertainty that has arisen and would like to expressly encourage applications.
We will find ways to adapt to the situation. In this special case it might be possible to send more works, for example, which we build up instead of the artists.

The dialogue on the subject of "change?!" initiated by the competition theme is very encouraging. We are looking forward to the many artist ideas on this topic.
Here is the link to the complete call for entries.

"change?!" postponed to 2021 - applications from 26 countries

The 10th Wind Art Festival will be
postponed to August 2021

For a long time we had the hope that the 10th wind art festival "bewegter wind" could take place as an open air event in late summer 2020.

We discussed all the requirements, transport and travel problems, uncertainties regarding the corona pandemic and the fact that applications for the art competition "change?!" were received from 26 countries, of which only German participation could be relatively certain. Unfortunately we had to decide that the exhibition of the 10th Wind Art Festival will be postponed until August 2021.

Please find attached a press release and photos in higher solution here.



The 10th Wind Art Festival will be
postponed to August 2021

„change?!“ Jury
140 applications from 26 countries

Art, nature and wind - the wind art festival "bewegter wind" offers this unique combination of experiences. Installations, wind art objects, videos and fascinating performances are staged in the northern Hessian landscape.
The anniversary exhibition on the subject of "change ?!" was planned for August 2020 in Hofgeismar and Liebenau in the Reinhardswald Nature Park.

"The development of the corona pandemic has been a source of concern to us for a long time", says curator Reta Reinl, "but we still had hopes that an outdoor event could take place in late summer".  But until 31.8.2020, events with more than 100 people are prohibited in Hesse. How can you limit the number of visitors outdoors without too much expense? In 2018, an estimated 15,000 visitors were on their way to see the wind art.

"Change?!" - Climate change from the perspective of international artists*.

Announcement of the 10th International Art Competition "bewegter wind" 2020 

Art meets nature: The wind art festival "bewegter wind", unique in Germany, celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. It will take place from August 16th to 30st, 2020 at outstanding scenic locations in the Reinhardswald Nature Park - in the heart of Germany near Kassel. Now curator Reta Reinl has announced the theme of the festival: "Change?! She explains: "Climate change contains threatening, but also forward-looking aspects. Is apocalypse in sight? Or can we expect a variety of possible solutions to shape the future? The climate is changing. Meteorologically, but also socially. We are looking for drafts and concepts that make this change tangible."

Windy welcome in Northern Hesse!

Whether a gentle breeze or a thundering storm, resting treetops or clouds chasing by - wind art is fleeting, can be experienced again and again and remains unfinished in a fascinating way. The wind art festival "bewegter wind" shows North Hesse's beauty from a new perspective: At changing locations - in front of forests, high altitudes, lakes or quarries - objects are created that make the wind visible and merge it with art.
Wind art objects, installations, wind videos and performances amaze visitors of all ages, guests and locals, art lovers and nature lovers. No visiting days is like the other, because in the "Outdoor Museum" is always blowing a new wind.
Thanks to the long-standing sponsors and energetic supporters, the festival, which is unique in Germany, is free of charge for visitors.


1st prize (shared): "Moving Square" by Jürgen Heinz

This became particularly clear in the work "Moving Square" by Jürgen Heinz. Two congruent frames that shift against each other at the slightest breeze show a section of reality. Or so one would think. But they can also be two pictures and thus two realities. Like two transparencies showing the same thing. Original and clone. One begins to mistrust one's perception ... What is convincing about this work, apart from its openness to association, is the feeling of irritation it creates, combined with the astonishment at how quickly one's "world view" can waver. The fact that the view through the frame forever changes the view of the landscape behind it is quite an experience.

1st prize (shared): "Moving border" by Kuesti Fraun

The video "Moving border" by Kuesti Fraun is irritating. A small piece of barrier tape, symbolising a border, changes its appearance again and again, driven by the wind. What was still snaking forms itself into something corporeal, disintegrates, overlaps, is trampled underfoot. What borders are there that are simply to be blown away? Or is it the way of all borders in the course of time? Current political situations appear before the mind's eye. The video conveys a feeling of powerlessness, of being at the mercy of others. Memories of (self-inflicted) change, the effects of which one has long since lost control over.

2nd prize: "2/ VAR 1/9" by Christine Kruse

Christine Kruse comes from a completely different angle with 2/ VAR 1/9, which presents us with change in a completely new way. With every step the viewer takes in front of the work, printed words overlap, transform into other terms. Change takes place "en passant". The idea of depicting change by means of language is not only extraordinary, but also just as vivid as language itself. Who has heard of "cyberhaft" or "social error"? The terms chosen by the artist are both new and old in successful relationships. In its openness to combination, the work makes us want more. Involuntarily, one finds oneself thinking of one's own terms, having fun with them and being fascinated by the changeability of languages.

3rd prize: "tabula rasa | in wandlungsfreiheit" by Constanze Schüttoff

Constanze Schüttoff's work "tabula rasa I in wandlungsfreiheit" evokes with simple means the complex process of pausing again and again to reconsider one's path. The highly challenging character of the work is not exhausted by moving the white paper sheets. Playfully, one makes decisions and begins to think about which path one wants to take, about choice and possibility, about what one might influence with one's (spontaneous) decisions. As you walk through, you not only change the work, but you may be writing a different future based on your past choices.

Special prize: "Floating Alive" by Jiefu Zhou

Even from a distance, two boats resting on long legs - or are they stilts? - on long legs - or are they stilts? Aligned in the direction of the flow of the Diemel. They could also be animals, creature-like objects that integrate themselves into the landscape as if it were a matter of course and yet stand out from it. The figures remain enigmatic, cannot be classified or pigeonholed. Despite their size, they seem fragile and vulnerable, have something delicate and awkward about them. Something "out of joint" like the time we live in. The sculptures "Floating Alive" by Jiefu Zhou occupy the mind that cannot find a solution. Are they boats or creatures, animals on stilts? And the woven rings hanging on the river, what do they have to do with it? In the mind it remains mobile. A good prerequisite for change to happen.

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