Lutz Freyer, Silvia Freyer und Reta Reinl

The 10th Wind Art Festival will be
postponed to August 2021

„change?!“ Jury
140 applications from 26 countries

Art, nature and wind - the wind art festival "bewegter wind" offers this unique combination of experiences. Installations, wind art objects, videos and fascinating performances are staged in the northern Hessian landscape.
The anniversary exhibition on the subject of "change ?!" was planned for August 2020 in Hofgeismar and Liebenau in the Reinhardswald Nature Park.

"The development of the corona pandemic has been a source of concern to us for a long time", says curator Reta Reinl, "but we still had hopes that an outdoor event could take place in late summer".  But until 31.8.2020, events with more than 100 people are prohibited in Hesse. How can you limit the number of visitors outdoors without too much expense? In 2018, an estimated 15,000 visitors were on their way to see the wind art.

140 applications from 93 artists* from 26 countries were received for the international art competition with the theme "change? As many artists* had expressed concerns about the incalculable effects of the Corona pandemic, the deadline for applications had been postponed. Now the jury met to select the exhibits for "change ?! The jurors are the artists/curators Silvia Freyer, Lutz Freyer and Reta Reinl (bewegter wind e.V.).

Silvia and Lutz Freyer studied fine arts at the Kunsthochschule Kassel from 1984 to 1988. From 1988 both continued their studies at the Düsseldorf Art Academy under Prof. Fritz Schwegler and graduated with a master student diploma. While Lutz Freyer deals with "thinking drawings", Silvia Freyer's works of art are sculptural works that deal with dissolution and change. With their last exhibition "Free Rooms" at the Huguenot House in Kassel, they curated a highly regarded event. 

The competition theme "change?!" refers to the current climatic changes that confront people around the world with new challenges and opportunities. The artists have taken up the motto in an impressive variety of expressions. It is an issue of perception and changing one's point of view. Where do people position themselves? How does this statement influence society? The vulnerability of the climate system and its destructive transformation become conscious. Actions and performances involve the visitors of the exhibition. Words become signposts: Kordula Klose transforms "change" into "chance". Ralf Witthaus mirrors "EXIT" to "TIME" as a huge lawnmower drawing - time to exit/change. Geraldo Zamproni places inflated sculptures "For us all" in the landscape, which adapt to the environment. The Brazilian Regina Carmona shows the human being as a vessel of his influences.MATRE uses breathing masks as a sign of "wind of change".  The Chinese Joufo Zhou transforms the energy of two whirls  into new forms.

 Applications from Korea, Brazil, Canada, New Zealand, Mexico, Japan, India, China, Nigeria, USA and many European countries were viewed and discussed. The selected works promise diverse insights into the theme.

Unfortunately, with regard to the participating countries, it quickly became clear that if at all, only German artists could participate relatively safely. Wind art cannot only be national. The wind art festival lives from the international atmosphere.

The association "bewegter wind e.V." together with the district of Kassel, the cities of Hofgeismar and Liebenau and the Reinhardswald Nature Park discussed the organisational requirements, safety regulations, travel and transport problems from the participating countries and with a heavy heart came to the conclusion that the exhibition of the 10th bewegter wind should be postponed until August 2021. 

In cooperation with the Kulturkoffer Hessen and in discussion with the Hofgeismar Mayor Markus Mannsbarth and the Liebenau Mayor Harald Munser, the participants will consider how a "small beginning" can be made in late summer 2020. The main exhibition on the topic "change?!" will take place in August 2021. The new planning will be concretised in the near future.

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