The exhibition venues of the Wind Art Festival "moving wind 2018"

Zierenberg / Habichtswald.

Wind Art objects and sculptures, installations, performances and videos that deal with the fascinating aspects of “clouds / Wolken” in a playful or critical way will be on show at the 9th Wind Art Festival “bewegter wind”.
Clouds are boundless and constantly create new shapes and colours which inspired artists from all over the world. The range of exhibits spans from purely sensuous interpretations to works with environmental and socio-critical content. We can expect a truly exciting and varied exhibition.
The art works will be on show from August 19th to September 2nd 2018 around the “Katzenstein” in the community of Habichtswald and in the Dörnberg Nature Reserve in the town of Zierenberg, situated in the Habichtswald Nature Park.

A flyer containing information and dates can be downloaded here and obtained from Habichtswald Nature Park Centre.

„bewegter wind“ means free entry to Wind Art in a fascinating landscape so that everyone has the opportunity to get in touch with art, feel wind and experience landscape. The realisation of the 9th Wind Art Festival would not have been possible without sponsors and partners, hence Reta Reinl (curator) takes the printing of the first information brochure as an opportunity to thank all those who took a vital part herein: the District of Kassel, the town of Zierenberg, the community of Habichtswald, Habichtswald Nature Park, Sparkasse Kassel, EAM, Bundesverband Windenergie (national association for wind energy), Stadtwerke Wolfhagen and art regio – SparkassenVersicherung.

The exhibition is located in the Habichtswald Nature Reserve (Naturpark Habichtswald) to the west of Kassel. The chosen locations are very special and have many stories to tell, making artists who intend to create local references with their work feel especially enthusiastic.

There are three ways to start a tour of the exhibition:

In the Dörnberg Nature Reserve one has the opportunity to hike or walk around the first part of the exhibition, starting at the Alpenpfad bus stop, continuing along the “Blumenstein” and the “Zierenberger Kuppe”. Geological discoveries and a surprising flora will be in stark competition with the art works.

The second stage starts at Habichtswald Nature Park Centre, continues along the “Helfensteinen“ to the Dörnberg Hotel, where one can enjoy a fantastic 360 degree view.

From „Hoher Dörnberg“ (578.7m) one can proceed directly to the third stage of the exhibition.

If you are travelling by car from Habichtswald-Dörnberg, the “Katzenstein” may also be reached via the B 251 in the direction of Kassel.

Meadows with hedges and fruit trees surround the “Katzenstein”, which itself is situated in a distinctive little forest. One should ask the locals about the mystical hole in the basalt of the “Katzenstein”…

For those who would like to plan a longer hike around Wind Art, we recommend the routes of the following trails: Alpenpfad, Habichtswaldsteig and Eco Pfad Dörnberg. In addition to that, there will be information boards and signposts during the Wind Art Festival. As already proven helpful, there will also be blue ribbons along roads and paths leading up to the exhibits.

Links to further information will be available soon on our website. Wind Art friends interested in the progress of the preparations can subscribe to our newsletter free or charge on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Exhibition Locations 2018