The exhibition venues of the wind art festival "bewegter wind 2016

Trendelburg and surroundings:

Burgberg Trendelburg
Carlsbergtunnel near Deisel
Hofgeismar and surroundings::

Theodor-Rocholl-Park, HOG
Friedenseiche near Hombressen
Offenberg near Carlsdorf


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Trendelburg is a small town rich in history in the district of Kassel.
The castle Trendelburg was built in the 13th century in the border area at the river Diemel - here was a ford where important trade routes crossed - between the dioceses Paderborn, Mainz and the rising landgravate Hessen.
The area around Deisel was already settled in early historical times, as evidenced by the remains of a rampart castle, which can be found to the west of the town on the 249-metre-high castle hill. Deisel was first mentioned in a document in 1005/1006 and is today a district of Trendelburg. Today the Diemel valley is an attractive address especially for cycle and water tourism.

Friedenseiche Hombressen

On 10.05.1871, the Franco-Prussian War (1870/1871) was finally ended with the Peace of Frankfurt am Main after the capitulation of France in January and the preliminary peace of Versailles in February 1871. As a reaction to this war, in which many hombress-fighters also took part, the population planted an oak tree on the highest point of the district as a memorial for the peace. The trunk of this English oak has now a circumference of 3.3m.

Offenberg, Carlsdorf (HOG)

Carlsdorf is a district of Hofgeismar and lies with the Offenberg southeast of the core city. The cross-shaped Carlsdorf was built in the area of a desert. The original village is mentioned with the names Gotresdeshusun or Gothardessen/Gauze already in the year 965.
Today's village dates back to the first agricultural colony in Hesse for religious refugees from France in 1686. Landgrave Carl von Hessen also settled numerous Huguenot families in the 17th century in the vicinity of the town of Hofgeismar, who had lost their homes after the Edict of Fontainebleau and the abolition of religious freedom in France in 1685. Carlsdorf is the oldest Huguenot settlement in Hessen.

Carlsbahntunnel, Wanderweg

The oldest railway tunnel in Hessen is located near Deisel. The 202 m long, former Carlsbahn railway tunnel was built between 1846 and 1847. The tunnel and its keeper's house are cultural monuments according to the Hessian Monument Protection Act. Since 2014, the tunnel has been used as a cycle and hiking trail passageway.


Hof Oberhaldessen is located between Udenhausen, today a district of Grebenstein, and Carlsdorf, today a district of Hofgeismar. Remains of Haldessen Castle are said to have been recognizable as late as the beginning of the 19th century; today nothing has been preserved. A lime tree stands on the small hilltop remains of the castle stable.
The wind farm near Oberhaldessen offers magnificent views of the landscape.

Theodor-Rocholl-Park, HOG

Situated northwest of Kassel in the Hofgeismar Red Valley. Hofgeismar is a former district town and the largest town in the north of the district of Kassel. The small river Esse crosses the town, whose buildings are characterized by half-timbered houses and a town hall from the 14th century. The highest elevation is the Heuberg with 392m above sea level in the Hofgeismar city forest. Besides trade and commerce, the Evangelical Academy is an important educational institution.
The Theodor Rocholl Park borders on the railway station area and is surrounded by the Esse.



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