1st prize: "Lost Horizon" by Kirsten Sauer, kisa. (Germany)

She has stretched gift ribbons in landscape colours on a large scale, creating an installation that is visual and audible. The viewer can look through to the horizon, and the colourfulness of the taut ribbons sensitively refers to the surrounding landscape. The fascinating thing about this landscape representation is the unusual combination and materiality - despite all its simplicity, the viewer can hardly escape the effect.

2nd prize: "Black cloud, white cloud" by Anna and Michael Rofka  (Germany)

Black and white painted woods are installed hanging. They react to the wind and invite you to play with lace. Playfully to poetically, a social experience space is created within the installation.

3rd prize, split: "Who can dance with winds" by Michael Klant  (Germany)

A chartered plane drags the lettering for the opening of the wind art festival through the sky. Despite its size it is small in the endless expanse of the clouds. Later, the artist places the letters in the landscape: the letters turn in the wind.

3rd prize, split: "Auditorium" by Katri Pekri and Alide Zvorovski (Estonia)

About 300 miniature chairs are systematically arranged in a rectangular shape. Oriented in one direction, like in a cinema. If you bend down you notice how much movement the wind causes within the low flora. The installation accentuates the wind in a completely different way, through its immediate small surroundings. And more questions are raised: Who is watching? Who is this beautiful place made for? For us humans? The view of the surrounding landscape is wonderful.

Exhibition Locations 2016