„Floating Alive“ / Foto: Reta Reinl

Special prize: "Floating Alive" by Jiefu Zhou

Even from a distance, two boats resting on long legs - or are they stilts? - on long legs - or are they stilts? Aligned in the direction of the flow of the Diemel. They could also be animals, creature-like objects that integrate themselves into the landscape as if it were a matter of course and yet stand out from it. The figures remain enigmatic, cannot be classified or pigeonholed. Despite their size, they seem fragile and vulnerable, have something delicate and awkward about them. Something "out of joint" like the time we live in. The sculptures "Floating Alive" by Jiefu Zhou occupy the mind that cannot find a solution. Are they boats or creatures, animals on stilts? And the woven rings hanging on the river, what do they have to do with it? In the mind it remains mobile. A good prerequisite for change to happen.

On the banks of the Diemel, the sculptures "Floating Alive" by Jiefu Zhou from China posed a riddle: Elongated beings on long legs or boats on stilts aligned with the direction of flow of the Diemel. Something that could not be pigeonholed and characterised our world as strange and "out of joint".

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