International Wind Art in Northern Hesse

8th wind art festival “moving wind” – "changing horizons"
Aug. 14th - 28th 2016
Offenberg / Rochollpark / Hofgeismar / Burgberg bei Trendelburg

"Changing horizons" was the theme of the
8th Art competition. 158 applications from 25 countries and 4 continents were received. Changing perspectives and experiences, uncertainty and enrichment, break-up and  disappearance were addressed by the artists with their drafts. 74 objects, installations, performances and videos were presented  at the Offenberg and the Rochollpark in Hofgeismar and the Burgberg at Trendelburg in the landscape exhibition.
With splendid summer weather a lot of visitors made their way to experience many aspects of wind art in the countryside between sunrise at the Friedenseiche and full moon at Offenberg.
The supporting program of the wind art festival offered additional variations on the theme: wind dance and wind whisper of AktionstheaterKassel and a concert of the "Talking Horns" in the Carlsbahntunnel.

The present documentation with photo- and video- DVD, printed matters, press list, texts and information gives an impression of a wonderful festival summer.

Bewegter wind e.V. thanks all artists, supporters, partners and helpers for their great commitment!


Many thanks for many fantastic photos:
Dr. Wigand & Löre Bürgener / Manfred Falkenhain /Karin Franzisky / Britta Ischka / Winfried Junker- Schönfelder /Harald Klähn /Pit Kinzer / Marcel Kopp / Raphaela Kula & Fritz Bornemeyer / Marcel Lawrence / Gerlinde Müller / Gabriele Nippel / Heidi Preiß / Volker Rapp / Reta Reinl / Diethart Rindermann / Joachim Römer / Monika Steiner, / Dr. Uwe Thon

With kind support of: 
Landkreis Kassel // SUN - Stadtwerkeunion Nordhessen // Stadt Hofgeismar // Stadt Trendelburg // wpd - think energy // EAM // Bundesverband Windenergie // ART-regio - SV Sparkassenversicherung // Hugenotten- und Waldenserpfad e.V. // Kasseler Bank // STENGEL WIND GbR //

The exhibition venues of the wind art festival "bewegter wind 2016

Trendelburg and surroundings:

Burgberg Trendelburg
Carlsbergtunnel near Deisel
Hofgeismar and surroundings::

Theodor-Rocholl-Park, HOG
Friedenseiche near Hombressen
Offenberg near Carlsdorf

Since 2004, we have been working on providing new art, wind and nature experiences in ever new places in Northern Hesse.

Thanks to our long-standing sponsors and active supporters, the festival, which is unique in Germany, is free of charge for visitors and offers the artists an excellent opportunity for presentation.

Our Sponsors 2016


3rd prize, split: "Auditorium" by Katri Pekri and Alide Zvorovski (Estonia)

About 300 miniature chairs are systematically arranged in a rectangular shape. Oriented in one direction, like in a cinema. If you bend down you notice how much movement the wind causes within the low flora. The installation accentuates the wind in a completely different way, through its immediate small surroundings. And more questions are raised: Who is watching? Who is this beautiful place made for? For us humans? The view of the surrounding landscape is wonderful.

3rd prize, split: "Who can dance with winds" by Michael Klant  (Germany)

A chartered plane drags the lettering for the opening of the wind art festival through the sky. Despite its size it is small in the endless expanse of the clouds. Later, the artist places the letters in the landscape: the letters turn in the wind.

2nd prize: "Black cloud, white cloud" by Anna and Michael Rofka  (Germany)

Black and white painted woods are installed hanging. They react to the wind and invite you to play with lace. Playfully to poetically, a social experience space is created within the installation.

1st prize: "Lost Horizon" by Kirsten Sauer, kisa. (Germany)

She has stretched gift ribbons in landscape colours on a large scale, creating an installation that is visual and audible. The viewer can look through to the horizon, and the colourfulness of the taut ribbons sensitively refers to the surrounding landscape. The fascinating thing about this landscape representation is the unusual combination and materiality - despite all its simplicity, the viewer can hardly escape the effect.

Wind whispering, tunnel concert and "changing views

The supporting programme for the 8th "bewegten wind" 

bw16 coll6 rahmenprogramm

The wind art festival "bewegter wind" will be opened on Sunday, 14.8.2016 at 11 am on the Burgberg with actions and performance. On the opening Sunday free guided tours will be offered at all three exhibition venues. At the Offenberg and Theodor Rocholl Park in Hofgeismar and the Burgberg near Trendelburg-Deisel 80 wind art works will be presented. The landscape exhibition is free and outside. Installations, objects and sculptures, performances and videos will be on display. The satellite locations Friedenseiche, Oberhaldessen and Carlsbahntunnel are intended to entice visitors to take further excursions and to experience magnificent views and "changing horizons".

Exhibition Locations 2016