Tomo Sone

„Cassandra’s field of flowers"

performance with augmented reality

Through the pandemic, we remembered how vital is the connection between people.
Performing arts expanded its value and possibilities beyond the theater. It is important that
the performers on stage will not only become central figures but also feel the world, move
forward, and bring about change with the audience. This durational installation - performance
attempts to fuse contemporary dance with digital technology, AR, inspired by traditional
Japanese Noh theater, where the audience spins their own story by using AR (Augmented reality). It is a work that
makes us think about the reality, the unreality, the unknown, and the invisible world that
spread outside the theater and considers the situation in which human beings are placed.

The performance setting gave the space as much as possible so the audience members
could make choices. The performance was a durational piece - 40 minutes- repeated several
times, preferably including 20 minutes break between each performance. The audience could
come in and out of the theatre at any time and move inside anytime. Audience experience AR
by using their own mobile phone and Snapchat application filters.
Audience members could decide:
● When they come in and out theatre. How they move inside the theatre.
● If they use AR or not.
● When they use AR during the performance.
● Which filter of Snapchat out of the three do they use.
● How they post videos on Instagram.
In this way, the piece attempted to allow being beyond boundaries for

Exhibition Locations 2023