f. l. t. r. Reta Reinl (curator), prize jurors: Dr Carola Schneider, Sabine Stange, Ursula Eske

Award ceremony and finissage
Landscape exhibition from 13-27.8.2023 in Wolfhagen - Nothfelden and Philippinenburg.

With almost 50 installations, videos, performances by artists from 13 countries. The organiser is the "bewegter wind" association, which is realising the exhibition in Windkunstland Nordhessen with the support of the district of Kassel, the town of Wolfhagen and other supporters. A team of volunteers from all over the region, together with the supporters, makes it possible for the exhibition to be accessible to everyone around the clock free of charge, thus reaching many interested people beyond the art scene.

For a fortnight, thousands of visitors from near and far were able to discover the magic of the extraordinary combination of art, wind and landscape. The enthusiastic feedback for the multifaceted expressiveness of the artworks and the impressive landscape situations is complemented by a very cheerful, communicative mood. Art is communication. Many of the artists were on site and enjoyed the exchange among themselves as much as the conversation with the audience.
The prizes will be awarded at the finissage. The prize jury was composed of Ursula Eske, Dr. Carola Schneider and Sabine Stange. After intensive deliberation, they decided on six prize winners. Their exhibits will receive special recognition, but all participating artists contributed to the success of the event with their work and commitment. Together with Vice-Councilor Silke Engler, Mayor Dr. Dirk Scharrer and local councillors Helga Hughes and Torsten Grüning, curator Reta Reinl presents the prizes.
The organisers extend their heartfelt thanks to the artists, the patrons and the many helpers and supporters. A jigsaw puzzle of individual achievements has succeeded and has become an experience of contemporary art, landscape and togetherness.

Criteria for selection of the awardees:
Thematic reference to the competition theme "beyond ...darüber hinaus".
Landscape reference
Artistic quality/realisation
Concrete reference to the wind or thematic reference to the wind and its properties.
Text of the competition theme: "... beyond".
Physically, wind is the balancing current between high and low pressure areas.
Metaphorically, the current points to wide open spaces and beyond the horizon.
Beyond borders. Vastness, longing and perspectives in these times of war.
Winds across landscapes, worlds of thought and beyond.
Further than doubt, beyond realities, beyond pigeonholing.
Ambivalence between limitation - supposed security - and freedom.
Always in an exchange between high and low, never clearly one.
How do we find images beyond everyday life? Images for the future, peace and climate hope. Or do we need the brutal truth of borders?
Reasons for awarding the prize

1st prize ( 3,000 €) : Anne Heilmann "Before the Wind"

2nd prize ( 2,000 €): Piotr Weselowski, Karola Konieczny and Aleksander Bryk "Catch me if you can"

3rd prize (1,000 €) Ralf Witthaus "Perpetuum"

Special Prize ( 1.000 €) Ria Gerth "Silence" (video)

Prize Jury Art Competition Jurors:

Ursula Eske

is a freelance artist and founder and owner of the art space Atelier |Zwischen den Häusern| in Marburg. Her installations, performances and actions are based on a dialogue with the location of the event with all its spatial, urban, social and situational particularities.
After studying education at the Philipps University in Marburg and training as a theatre pedagogue and mentor for Playing-Arts at the Institute for Cultural Work in Frankfurt and Gelnhausen, Ursula Eske worked as a theatre pedagogue and stage designer in the fields of theatre, musicals and performance from 1988 to 2002.
She is a member of the BBK (Bundesverband Bildender Künstlerinnen und Künstler) and the

Dr. Carola Schneider

born 1962 in Stuttgart, studied art history and Romance languages and literature in Aachen, had a daughter in 1987 and received her doctorate in 1996. She worked as an art educator and research assistant at museums in Aachen, Würzburg and Wetzlar, managed the art association "Kunsthaus Essen" for many years and was municipal cultural manager in Halle/Saale. Since May 2017, as managing director of the Marburger Kunstverein, she has been responsible for organising exhibitions of contemporary art. She is also a freelance curator and art mediator.

Sabine Stange

has lived and worked in Kassel since 1969. She studied documentary film and art education at the Kunsthochschule. She has been involved in international exhibitions and artist exchange projects and has had study visits to Berlin, Bonn, Florence, Los Angeles and Venice. She has received several awards, most recently the Doris Krinninger Prize in 2022. In addition to her artistic work, she has worked in various cultural education and art education contexts as well as in the field of art and cultural mediation.
In her artistic work she explores questions of perception and seeing. While documentary and narrative were initially the focus of her interest, in recent years this has shifted more and more to what pictorial phenomena and structures are revealed in deeper layers of intuitively recorded images.


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