Wataru Hamasaka

listen to the breath of the wind, is there a sculptur

Behavior and of the human body, recognized by the small sculpture that assumes, is portable in a pocket in which the acoustic environment as the theme. Sculpture is not just only as a visual object, which is one of the Exploring attempt of the series established in among the deep involvement of the acoustic environment. Sculpture is hollow marble, the shape of the hole of the tube is passed through, the environmental sound gathered round holes, such as the funnel, environmental sound is as keynote sound is caused by the reflection on the inner wall. Work is an attempt of an environment sculpture as can feel the keynote sound of the nature of the environment that has been exhibited as a "sign" of the place. On the one hand, and mediate the phenomenon of this "sign", resonate the self of the body, is also an attempt explore the whereabouts of existence. Thus naming this work that " Listen to the breath of the wind: Is there a sculpture・I". 

Marmor und Draht
Ø 8 cm

Exhibition Locations 2016