Yong Gu Shin

"go against the wind" 


Image performance artist Shin Yong-gu has been delivering a message of hope with symbolic objects such as flowers, wings, and threads. The installation work is a specific work of the place, and it meets new spaces such as natural spaces, mudflats, beaches, and abandoned coal factories to compare the meaning of existence and various aspects of life. In addition, his lint work is a symbolic object that connects nature and human beings, and beyond religion, culture and politics, he has met various people in 34 countries in person and is still being carried out. Through a performance that combines narratives from Western myths and the results, it connects fragments of dreams lost by modern people.

It projects modern life by combining Icarus, who lost his wings to desire, Ariadne, who cut through the maze with thread, and Sisyphus narratives that constantly roll rocks on mountains. It is intended to be a purification consciousness that questions the ontological meaning of human beings surrounding the natural environment.

Exhibition Locations 2023