Ton Oostveen

Climate Change - Energy Transition



A great move before 2050 will have to be made in order to change our policy and practice in dealing with climate change.
A great part of changing our behavior will be our consumption of energy. This energy consumption has to be rearranged from fossil sources like Gas and Oil to
sustainable sources: to Solar Energy (solar panels) and Wind (wind generators).

My Moving Wind Performance will consist of 5 self-created flying design symbols for these sources within the general context of the ART festival Bewegter Wind: moving & flying Art & Design.

Gas will be presented by a three dimensional flying yellow pipeline (color of gas pipe) with the letters GAS, combined with a black broad cross.

Oil will be presented by a red-yellow oil drum. The text: OIL, will be combined with a broad black cross indicating abolishing the use of oil. This will be designed on the three-dimensional flying object based on the Circoflex/Circotube (originally by Ton Oostveen and Helmut Schiefer).

As a symbol for the need of Energy Transition a flying temperature devise will be turned upside down on showing the 42 degrees Celsius of great parts of Europe during the summer of 2019.

A lookalike flying solar panel and a wind generator will show two of the important factors in the energy transition, as a crucial part of the policy in Climate Change.

These five objects for Gas, Oil, Temperature, Solar and Wind will be soaring over the Landscape and the Art objects and show the mutual theme Climate Change in the sky over Bewegter Wind 2020.

Exhibition Locations 2023