Liova Giovinazzi & Valentina Fracchiolla

„Bleeding Earth“


The blood of Mother Earth is an ancestral river that flows giving life to the animals, plants, mountains and humanity.

Our planet is a living organism with a violent wound that has to be healed; Earth is hemorrhaging now and we have to make the bleeding stop.

It's real. It's happening. It's accelerating. And it's our fault.
Human activity is reshaping our planet, effecting rapid environmental change at a rate never seen before. Global temperature averages are creeping upward, seas are warming, rising and becoming more acidic, and extreme weather events such as droughts, wildfires, floods and powerful storms are more commonplace. The past is written, but we are left to write the future.

BLEEDING EARTH is an intense artwork that aims to focus on planet's pain because Mother Earth is crying drops of blood and we have to save her.

Exhibition Locations 2023