Nabu guided tour "Auf der Hardt" with Peter Priller (Nabu Altenhasungen)

Thursday, 17.8.2023
at 5 pm
The Hardt near Nothfelden

Peter Priller will show the botanical and faunal features that exist on the calcareous meadowland of the upper Hardt and offers a free guided tour.

The field name "Hardt" means "wooded slope". This suggests the original vegetation. Through the use of wood and centuries of grazing, a calcareous grassland developed. Here, animals and plants could find a habitat that had no chance in large parts of the rest of the landscape.

Species such as bellflower, horseshoe clover, lesser rattletrap and sunflower are excellently adapted to these dry, nutrient-poor conditions and in some cases form large populations. But also orchids, such as the man's orchid, three-toothed orchid, fly and bee ragwort grow and blossom on the Hardt, as do two species of gentian.

After grazing was discontinued in the 1960s and a later short intervening grazing period, the area became increasingly overgrown. For this reason, NABU Altenhasungen has been taking care of these species-rich areas for about 20 years. In many hours of work, large parts were cut free again and the material removed from the area. In addition, the Hardt is grazed once a year by a flock of sheep, so that the future of this calcareous grassland currently seems secure.

To keep it that way, we ask you to stay on the paths and not to leave any rubbish behind. Thank you very much!

Peter Priller is 1st chairman of the NABU group Altenhasungen, which looks after the Hardt.

The tour lasts 1 - 1.5 hours, depending on interest.

Meeting point 17.8.23 Aufgang der Hardt.

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