Foto by Uwe Thon

3rd prize (1,000 €) Ralf Witthaus, Perpetuum

Two paths running in curves and crossing each other again and again form a "bracket" between the two exhibition sites in three stages. They were cut into the ground vegetation with cordless and power scythes - right down to the turf, so that the paths contrast with the green surroundings in a brown earth tone and are clearly visible, even from a distance. As with other "lawnmower drawings", the artist's reference to place is important and successful here too. Landscape experience and communication enter into a connection, on the one hand already in the phase of realisation by voluntary helpers in black and white clothing, and on the other hand then when visitors walk along the paths.
Both in the basic form of the symbol for infinity chosen by the artist and in the title Perpetuum (Latin for continuous, permanent, eternal) an analogy to the phenomenon of the wind can be seen.

Jury text from the jurors.

Exhibition Locations 2023