“NAGUAL – Moved by the wind” / Foto: Heidi Etzbach

Special prize "NAGUAL - Moved by the wind", performance by Adriano Cangemi (Argentina)

For his impressive performance on Sunday, 26 August, the jury will award a special prize to Adriano Cangemi. In his approximately 25-minute performance on the Katzenstein, he congenially combined elements of acrobatics with narrative-performative aspects.

The professional acrobat and "artist" in the best sense of the word used his physical skill to make the vulnerability of the connection between man and nature tangible. The spectacular performance location on the edge of the hill - with a wide view of the valley and Habichtswald-Dörnberg - made the live performance an impressive experience for the numerous visitors. Last but not least, it was the enthusiasm and emotion of the audience that prompted the jury to award this special prize.

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