„to remember“ / Foto: KarinFranzisky

1st prize: „to remember“ by Hannah Streefkerk (Sweden)

This work was convincing in everything. The correspondence with the place and at the same time the clear demarcation as an artificial intervention. Through a density and strong presence, especially without force and spatial intervention.
Like an undertow, the viewer is drawn into a miniature world on the forest floor, where the delicate work unfolds.
With great sensitivity for the material, the leaves are reproduced in the same way as natural leaves and carefully fixed to the forest floor. The workmanship and implementation of the idea of the work is convincing. To conserve the transience as an artistic visualization and thus to poetically tell about remembering has succeeded here convincingly.
Here art was created as an independent answer to nature.
In all three award-winning works, the poetry of the idea as well as the implementation has particularly touched us.

Exhibition Locations 2014