Children's tour at the Wind Art Festival

Friday, 25.8.2023
at 2 pm
Village Community Hall Wolfhagen-Nothfelden

The Dernbach Foundation invites to two free guided tours for children during the wind art festival "bewegter wind".
The children will be introduced to the artworks and the surrounding nature with binoculars and magnifying glasses and a wind feeling exercise.
Why does the blue butterfly like the yellow sculpture so much? Can the sun feel the feathers on the wind gate?
Is it the light or the wind that plays? What does a wind chime "do" and what does a windmill do? Do artists paint only with colours or also with wind? Can you draw with a lawnmower?

The children are introduced to the works of art and the artists' themes in a child-friendly way. In the same way, nature and landscape perception are playfully included in the programme.
Participation in the guided tours is free of charge for children and parents, as the Dernbach Foundation invites all interested parties.
Johannes Dernbach and Ann-Kathrin Dernbach say: "It is precisely because the wind art festival organised by bewegter Wind e. V. introduces children to creativity and landscape perception that the Dernbach Foundation is able to offer guided tours. We at the Dernbach Foundation - creative tolerant spirit - see this as a great opportunity to support this. From our point of view, creative work is a solid foundation to strengthen a person's mental health. But also the coming together of so many international artists with their exciting works of art shows that tolerance, openness and creativity are so important for our society. This is what we stand for and what we are happy to promote."
The guided tours for children will be conducted jointly by Reta Reinl (curator) and Ann-Kathrin Dernbach (Dernbach Foundation).

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