"Not I, not I, but the wind"

 Video contributions, children's tour, voice performance, award ceremony and finissage

 How beautiful summer can be. At all times of the day and evening, visitors stroll and wander through the exhibition grounds of the 11th wind art festival "bewegter wind" in Nothfelden and Philippinenburg near Wolfhagen and show their enthusiasm. The special mix of art, landscape and wind has a magic that puts people in a good mood and opens their minds to the art messages, which also deal critically and very seriously with contemporary issues. The last weekend of the exhibition is approaching and the organisers are looking forward to curious, wandering visitors - ideally with a picnic.


An extra role at the Wind Art Festival is played by the video contributions, which can be viewed daily from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the DGH Wolfhagen-Nothfelden. They deal with interpersonal and social aspects of beyond.

Olga Drachuk-Meyer is from the Ukraine and shows an oppressive video "The War" about the situation between life and death. Kuesti Fraun inquires into elementary occurrences with "The Sea of Darkness". In "Silence", Ria Gerth deals with the incomprehensibly destructive war in a scenic idyll. "Wanderlust" is the name of Beate Gördes' video and deals with the perpetual urge of people to move around the globe - like the wind. Walerija Peter's "Silk" shows a woman's struggle with the wind on the Kazakh steppe. Aesthetic, touching images.

 Guided tour for children

On Friday, 25.8.23, at 2 pm, there will be a guided tour for children through the exhibition grounds "Auf der Hardt". Meeting point is the village community centre Nothfelden.

The children will be introduced to the artworks and the nature surrounding them with binoculars and magnifying glasses and a wind-sensing exercise. Why does the bluebottle like Vaga Choudhary's red sculpture so much? Is it the light or the wind that plays? What does a wind chime "do" and what does a windmill do? Do artists paint only with colours or also with the wind? Can you draw with a lawn mower? The children are introduced to the works of art and the artists' themes in a child-friendly way. In the same way, nature and landscape perception are playfully included in the programme.

Participation is free of charge for children and parents. The Dernbach Foundation cordially invites all interested parties. Registration at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Tel. 06454- 1445 (answering machine)

 Not I but the Wind

A voice and text performance will take place on Friday, 27.8.23 at 6 pm in the church of Nothfelden with Ralf Peters.

Peters recites the poem "Not I not I but the Wind" by D.H. Lawrence (original title: Song of a Man Who Has Come Through) in a variety of ways. The poem fits so well with the Wind Voices project because in it Lawrence creates an almost metaphysical relationship to the wind. The I in his poem is looking for ways to surrender to the wind instead of opposing it with his own will, so to speak. His call is not to strengthen his own will, but to refine his perception of the wind. So far, 27 recordings of the poem have been made and can be heard on the internet. At the live vocal performance in Nothfelden, Ralf Peters will be inspired by the situation on site and will perform vocally with the text for half an hour.

 "May I?"

With no fixed times scheduled, but everywhere at the exhibition venues, Constanze Schüttoff will also be found during this festival weekend. In her multi-layered work "darf ich ...?" she is dedicated to the invisible. She will explore the two exhibition venues and their artworks with her body. In doing so, she invites people who meet her to interactive perception experiments in order to create a new kind of spatial structure together with them. How can we encounter each other within our own boundaries?

 Finissage and award ceremony

On Sunday, 27.8.23, the 11th wind art festival "bewegter wind" will end with the award ceremony and finissage at 5 pm at Helfenberg near Wolfhagen-Philippinenburg.

 A jury of experts has selected four prize winners from all the art entries, among whom the prize money of € 7,000 will be divided. This was a difficult task given the variety and quality of the works and there were more good works than prize money.

Thanks to many supporters and sponsors, the Wind Art Festival could be realised, thanks to which the entrance is free for the visitors.

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