"  ...beyond"

Call for proposals for the 11th Art Competition "   
Wind meets art meets nature: the wind art festival "bewegter wind", unique in Germany, will take place for the eleventh time this year. 
This year, the landscape exhibition will take place from 13th to 27th of August, 2023 near Wolfhagen in the district of Kassel at scenically impressive locations.
Now curator Reta Reinl shares the theme of this year's art competition: "...beyond".

Winds over landscapes

The text of the call for entries says: "Physically, wind is the balancing movement between areas of high and low pressure.
Metaphorically, the stream points to the wide open space and beyond the horizon.
Beyond borders. Space, longing and perspectives in these times of war.
Winds over landscapes, worlds of thought and beyond.
Further than doubt, above and beyond realities, outside of pigeonholing.
Ambivalence between boundaries - supposed security - and freedom.
Always in an interchange between high and low, never clearly one.
How do we find pictures beyond everyday life? Pictures or signs for the future, peace and climate hope. Or do we need the brutal truth of borders? 

We are looking for designs that illustrate or expand " ... beyond". 

Wind objects, installations, performances and LandArt in the broadest sense are sought. The "Diversity and interdisciplinary thinking from all branches of art are welcome. We will also look for realisation possibilities for unusual contributions together with the artists." The deadline for the ideas competition is 1st of May, 2023. The artists will be selected by mid-May.

Prize money

The exhibition will be accompanied by a thematic framework programme that invites visitors to discover the exhibits and the landscape. The organiser of the competition and the exhibition is "bewegter wind e. V. - Verein zur Förderung der Windkunst und interkultureller Kommunikation", which organises the wind art festival together with partners and helpers. This year, too, the festival is preceded by an ideas competition. A jury will select the most interesting exhibits, and another jury will later find the prize winners. First place is endowed with 3,000 euros, second place with 2,000 euros. Third place wins 1,000 euros, as does the special prize. The award ceremony will take place at the end of the festival, on 27 August 2023. 

Part of the extraordinary art event is the public set-up week before the festival begins: numerous art enthusiasts take the opportunity to see artists from all over the world at work in and with the landscape and maybe even help with the set-up.

Information for the artists can be downloaded from the download area.

With the kind support of Landkreis Kassel / Stadt Wolfhagen / Stadtwerke Wolfhagen / Bürgerenergiegenossenschaft Wolfhagen / Culturwerkstatt Frankenberg / Agil /

Exhibition Locations 2023