Calendar "little wind“ 

Calendar now available, videos online

In cooperation with the Dernbach Foundation, a calendar was created that conveys something of the wonderful workshop atmosphere of this summer. Interested people can get the calendar in the city halls of Hofgeismar and Liebenau, or order it from the association "bewegter wind" (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Without the Corona pandemic, the "little wind" would not have took place this way.
Planned were children's courses with international artists of the 10th wind art festival

"bewegter wind", which was to take place on the theme "change?!" in the summer of 2020 in Hofgeismar and Liebenau in the Reinhardswald Nature Park. The festival had to be postponed to August 2021, the artists from 26 countries could not come.

The children's art courses "Windworks" in cooperation with the Kulturkoffer Hessen and the Hessian Ministry of Science and Art were to be cancelled. Then came the decisive question from the Kulturkoffer Hessen: Don't you want to reschedule and work with artists from the region who can travel? A new concept emerged, which was implemented in airy halls and spaces of the cities of Hofgeismar and Liebenau and with diverse support.

With "Windworks", one-day courses were offered in which artists gave children insights into topics of wind art: How does one perceive wind? What experiments can you do with it? Is the landscape in which we live influenced by the wind? Can wind be made visible and audible? How do cloud formations stimulate the imagination and give rise to stories? What personal characteristics can I portray with a portrait kite? Is it possible to film wind? What questions can be asked in an interview about wind?

Wind objects, mobilés, wind ghosts, portrait kites, wind figures, wind seesaws, short films, wind interviews and cloud spinning - wind theater were the topics of the artists Dorothea Kirsch, Kordula Klose, Anke Sauer, Beate Gördes, Bärbel Kandziora, Anke Sauer and Reta Reinl. They showed the children their design practices, working methods, materials and techniques, and they talked about their work.

In that way, the children gained very different insights into art and the life of artists, approaches, material characters and processing techniques. Every day a different theme and everything centered around art and wind.

At the end there was the exhibition "little wind" on the banks of the river Diemel, where all workshop results of the children were presented.

The final presentation of the short films and wind interviews that the children had shot had to be cancelled. Instead, a Youtube channel "kleiner Wind" was set up, where you can watch four videos .

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