Performance Day

Sunday, 26/8/2018
Alpenpfad, Zierenberger Kuppe 
at 3.30pm

Musical Kites : Sounds From The Clouds

For centuries, kites have been equipped with instruments and raised into the air as singing voices so that they come into contact with the "irrational" or "sublime". Not only the physical tubes and pipes, bells and strings produce these sounds, but also the vibrations in the rope with which the kites are pulled and released play a role. Kaspar König and Ton Oostveen are experimenting with ways to create sounds of wind driven instruments which, with the help of modern technology & materials, finally come together to create a top class sound play. This can lead to a unique composition and give a new, airy touch to a long and old tradition. A group of 5 to 6 kite climbers will bring the 5-6 flying instruments into the air. Kaspar König realizes his score with the sounds of the dragons and the flying instruments of Ton Oostveen. Both are supported by Harold van Ingen with his specially developed electronics.

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