The Finissage and the prize winners

From Russia to Argentina:

Graduation and award of the artists at the international wind art festival "bewegter wind 2018" on the theme "Clouds - clouds" Zierenberg / Habichtswald. On Sunday, September 2, 2018, the 9th wind art festival "bewegter wind" came to a ceremonial end. In front of numerous guests and artists, curator Reta Reinl drew an extremely positive conclusion. She said: "We estimate that a total of about 12,000 visitors from all over Germany attended the wind art festival - they will all certainly remember this unique experience of art and nature in Germany for a long time to come! For two weeks, art objects, videos and exciting performances could be experienced against special landscape backdrops in the Habichtswald Nature Park and in the Zierenberg district - free of charge and accessible at all times. "64 artists from 21 countries took part and dedicated themselves to the leading theme of 'Clouds - Clouds' from the most diverse perspectives", reports Reta Reinl, "This artistic density was immense!

For example, the artist Constanze Schüttoff showed walk-in, stranded data clouds, Alwie Arninkhoff had cumulus clouds piled up, and the Turkish artists Hazal Cinar and Begüm Tekay attracted the attention of visitors with their clouds to click on. Equally popular were the word clouds by Gerhard Raab and the Social Cloud on the helper stones, which the artist Ralf Witthaus created as a lawnmower drawing with numerous volunteers from the region. Furthermore, Judith Mann made a cloud tangible and tangible with her Nebel-Aue and Jürgen Heinz showed the everlasting, fascinating dance of the clouds in "Moving Clouds". Curator Reta Reinl emphasizes: "Not only the artists mentioned as examples, but all participating artists contributed with their works to an all-round successful event. Their strong presence on site also distinguishes our wind art festival: Many visitors took the opportunity, for example during the construction week, to talk to the international artists - and thus to experience art at first hand".

Excellent cloud art!

At the award ceremony for the most outstanding exhibits, the jury caused a surprise: Instead of the planned second and third prizes, a split second place was awarded - without any gradation. There was also a special prize for an exceptionally impressive performance.


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