Anna Bellaforte

Blow the House down


The home is a picture of stability (one hopes), but the proposed structure is filmsy. The lines will not be completely straight. The house becomes a 'line drawing' in the landscape, a drawing that changes depending on the wind. The flexibility of the piping will allow the house to sway, cant and move, but never topple. The four corners will be secured into concrete ballasts which will be invisible underground. While the 'walls' are open, the window and door outlines will be given domestic dressings: curtains theat also flow with the wind. This 'closes off' the door, the traditional means of entry, and leaves the walls open for people to pass through into the space.

It will be interesting to see which way visitors enter into the space.


Objekt Pvc Rohr, Montageschaum und Textil, Beton 3m x 1,8m x 2m

Exhibition Locations 2016