Windworks and little wind

Children's art courses in Hofgeismar and Liebenau from August 5th -16th 2020

The association "bewegter wind" (moving wind), together with the Kulturkoffer Hessen, the cities of Hofgeismar and Liebenau, the Gerhard-Fieseler-Foundation and ART regio, has come up with something. In order to ensure that the Hessian summer does not pass completely without wind art, the "little wind" with "Windworks" will be created. "Windworks" are one-day courses in which artists give children and young people insights into topics of wind art and work on them together. You can do a lot with wind, although you can't see it directly.

The course topics are as diverse as the winds of the world. The results of the workshops will be presented on Sunday, 16.8.2020 in the exhibition "kleiner Wind". Thanks to the support of the cooperation partners, participation in the courses during the summer holidays is free of charge.
The age of the course participants is limited to 10 -16 years, the number of participants per course to 10.
The children's art courses take place simultaneously in the village community centre of Hofgeismar-Kelze and in the "Alte Dreschhalle" in Liebenau-Lamerden between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.
All instructions for protection against corona viruses are followed. Binding registrations are welcome until 1.8.2020.
A flyer and a registration form are available in the download area.
An overview of the course offers and further down in detail:

  • 01 Mobiles

    Mobiles – Dorothea Kirsch

  • 02 Windklang

    Windklang – Katharina grote Lambers

  • 03 Windgestalten

    Windgestalten – Reta Reinl

  • 04 Wirbel, Wind und Wolkentanz

    Wirbel, Wind und Wolkentanz – Evelin Stadler

  • 05 Windwippe

    Windwippe – Kordula Klose

  • 06 Porträtdrachen

    Porträtdrachen – Anke Sauer

  • 07 Windgeister

    Windgeister – Anke Sauer

  • 08 Windinterviews

    Windinterviews / Kurzfilme – Beate Gördes

  • 09 Wolken spinnen

    Wolken spinnen-Windtheater – Bärbel Kandziona

Mobilés with Dorothea Kirsch
Mobilés play with the wind, one could call them visible wind. We work with materials that are easy to handle: wire, bamboo; nylons. Various conditions for mobility are discussed and explored. For each child, the most beautiful solution is sought. Individual wind objects are created, which are combined in an installation and dance their wind ballet.

Wind sound with Katharina grote Lambers
Here you can give the wind a voice and design the sound tool. In this workshop wind objects will be created, which make the sound of the wind audible. Small bamboo flutes, wind harps or other wind instruments i.e. can be created. Wind sound in any form will be explored and experimented with.

Wind figurines
Wind figures are figures developed from flag fabric, cloth, threads, wood, bamboo, wire, which show their mobility even in light wind. Wind objects use the wind energy to turn or move. This includes windmills as well as turbines made of plastic bottles. If you feel like it, you can also paint flags or sew colourful windbags.

Swirl, wind and cloud dance with Evelin Stadler
The dance theatre workshop offers the opportunity to discover your own body and your imagination of movement: inspired by nature and curiously experimenting with airy everyday objects, a performance is created during the course of the day that is as light, twisted, stormy, dreamy and changeable as each individual participant.

Wind swings with cordula Klose
What the wind can do: Turning, rocking, swaying, waving, wobbling, blowing, blowing, swinging and much more. Figures are designed and built that allow the wind to do all this. Figures and flags, sails, faces and much more are placed and anchored with wire, paper, foil and other materials on a stable base, which is half a sphere like a standing man. Now the wind can be captured playfully and there is room for various experiments on wind and balance.

Portrait kite with Anke Sauer
"I could blow up in my face" ... This takes that saying to a whole new level. The participants build their portrait as kites and send themselves into the air. The kites will be made of Tyvek® and designed with acrylic paints. Everyone can present themselves as they see themselves or as they want to see themselves. The course explains why a kite flies, how to fly a kite and what you are not allowed to do as a kite flyer.

The wind ghost kites with Anke Sauer
They are made from everyday materials such as plastic waste and "anything you can find" such as old cord, wire, foil, straw, video tapes, candy paper, scraps of wool, etc. A course that encourages the participants to think about their kites already while choosing the materials.

Wind interviews and short films with Beate Gördes
With an introduction to camera work, image design and directing, the creative potential of the participants is strengthened. The focus is on motivating the children to follow their own ideas and find means of expression. The topic "wind" is to be explored in all its facets and manifestations in a playful way and presented in an imaginative way using film technology. The children will get to know various cinematic staging possibilities in order to transform their ideas into images, sound and language. Technical stylistic devices from animated film, photography, documentation, narration, experimental short film, interviews and much more will be used.

Spinning clouds - wind theatre with Bärbel Kandziora
When the wind wants to tell stories, it writes pictures of clouds in the sky and spins them into stories. We will go in search of these cloud pictures, invent our own stories from them and present them in short theatre scenes. A few exercises from the actors' bag of tricks will help us to do this.

About the little wind at the end of the children's art courses we will not reveal everything yet, except that the exhibition and event with the workshop results will take place on Sunday, August 16th from 2 o clock - 6 oclock pm.