Paula Barquera Mondragón / Pua



I am interested in the sacred relation humanity has with wind. I define sacred as that which places man in relation with his own origin. In that sense the very first dialogue with wind is in respiration, whistling and events that involve air being moved by our body.

Wind could be understood as a separate thing from us, but I think it is also an idea to which we relate. When we do certain movements even if we are not producing the natural wind that occurs because of changes in the atmospheric pressure, we are evocating and communicating the idea of wind.

I enjoy the playfullness of the sound made by blowing in the middle of your hands together, because it is also a more conscious movement than respiration or accidental whistling. I see it more as an agreement of talking with the wind. This communication with the wind has been evocated by the creation of ocarinas in many cultures, that recreate in some way this action.


I´ve decided not to use the natural wind as a main component, but as an idea. So I will evocate the sacred relation we have with the wind, constructing a small size instrument similar to an ocarina. I also want to make reference to the shape of the traquea or windpipe and the cavity formed by holding hands together, that produce this particular sound with the air from our lungs.

I will use synthetic clay (to get a better sound) and then make it look like mud, because I consider this last type of ceramic has a symbolism of ritual object.


synth. Ton
10 x 6 x 4 inches

Exhibition Locations 2016