3rd prize: "tabula rasa | in wandlungsfreiheit" by Constanze Schüttoff

Constanze Schüttoff's work "tabula rasa I in wandlungsfreiheit" evokes with simple means the complex process of pausing again and again to reconsider one's path. The highly challenging character of the work is not exhausted by moving the white paper sheets. Playfully, one makes decisions and begins to think about which path one wants to take, about choice and possibility, about what one might influence with one's (spontaneous) decisions. As you walk through, you not only change the work, but you may be writing a different future based on your past choices.

Special prize: "Floating Alive" by Jiefu Zhou

Even from a distance, two boats resting on long legs - or are they stilts? - on long legs - or are they stilts? Aligned in the direction of the flow of the Diemel. They could also be animals, creature-like objects that integrate themselves into the landscape as if it were a matter of course and yet stand out from it. The figures remain enigmatic, cannot be classified or pigeonholed. Despite their size, they seem fragile and vulnerable, have something delicate and awkward about them. Something "out of joint" like the time we live in. The sculptures "Floating Alive" by Jiefu Zhou occupy the mind that cannot find a solution. Are they boats or creatures, animals on stilts? And the woven rings hanging on the river, what do they have to do with it? In the mind it remains mobile. A good prerequisite for change to happen.

Jury decision

10th wind art festival "bewegter wind" 2021 – Change ?!

ow to make a selection, when all artists have already won by being juried into the 10th bewegter wind exhibition? The most important prize is certainly "to be seen" and to give voice to one's own view of the subject through one's work. This, it should be noted at this point, has been quite successful, because the number of visitors to the plein air art festival proves that the show has now made a name for itself.
The artistic positions testify to idiosyncratic perspectives, to surprising ideas, but also quite simply to craftsmanship. This not only provided us - the prize jury - with a basis for discussion, but also presented us with difficult decisions.
In a way, it was also a matter of "comparing apples with oranges", which, as we all know, is supposed to be almost impossible. So we had noted many good works on our slips of paper during the tour, all of which would have deserved a prize, and so we had to use parameters to make decisions.
One of these parameters for us was a good idea that plays with the theme of change?! but at the same time remains open enough to be able to change perspectives.

Special mention

Many other works would also have deserved a prize in our eyes. Special mention goes to the cloud-like objects "For us all" by Geraldo Zamproni, the work "Prayer" by Dina Hillebrand, which asks the right questions with a light idea, and the work "Nine Names" by Markéta Váradiová, which convinced with its complexity.

The exhibition venues of the "bewegter wind 2020/21" wind art festival

Scan the QR code to download the exact coordinates directly to your mobile phone.

The exhibition grounds are well signposted. Parking spaces are designated. The routes to them are marked with blue ribbons.

Coordinates of the location
Kramberg, Hofgeismar


Coordinates of the location
Old Town Hofgeismar

Kramberg, Hofgeismar

From Hofgeismarer Straße (L3212) between Hümme and Hofgeismar. Navi address next to the car park: Schießbach 5 (private)


Sleeping Beauty town with half-timbered charm

Quiet corners of the old town, small alleyways, historic half-timbered buildings, modern shops, good restaurants and the beauty of the surrounding countryside lend Hofgeismar its special charm.

Whether it's a historical tour of the town, an enjoyable shopping trip, a relaxing stroll, a nature-based hike or cycle tour or fairytale entertainment - there's never a dull moment in Hofgeismar and its seven districts.

The famous fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty and her prince is present everywhere here. In summer, numerous roses in every conceivable colour adorn the town. And at Sababurg Castle you can experience the fairytale characters up close.

A visit to the pharmacy and town museum is also not to be missed. Hofgeismar is always worth a trip.

In the Sababurg district in the middle of the Reinhardswald forest lies the Sleeping Beauty Castle Sababurg. At the foot of the castle hill is the Sababurg Zoo and in the immediate vicinity the enchanted Sababurg primeval forest nature reserve with 800-1000 year-old oaks.


Coordinates of the location
Diemel Schwiemelkopf
near Liebenau


Diemel plot on the Nösselweg
Diemel cycle path near Liebenau-Ostheim

Parking is signposted from Liebenau-Ostheim (L3210).

Town of Liebenau

The town of Liebenau consists of the former communities of Liebenau, Niedermeiser, Lamerden, Ostheim, Haueda, Zwergen, Ersen and Grimelsheim.

It lies in the western tip of the district. The Diemel and Warme rivers with the confluences of the Ruhr and Alster streams give the lovely landscape its special character. The fertile river valleys with sometimes steeply rising limestone cliffs, gentle hills and mountains as well as the large forests make Liebenau an ideal hiking area.

Liebenau lies in an ancient settlement area. Many finds from the Stone and Bronze Ages, including burial mounds, prove this. Tacitus already describes the landscape as the borderland of the Cherusci, Chatti and Fossi.


Ostheimer Brücke

The most beautiful route from exhibition venue to exhibition venue

By bike - Here you can find the most beautiful route at Open-Street Map

On foot - Here you can find the most beautiful route at Open-Street Map

The video contributions to the 10th wind art festival "bewegter wind" will be shown in the Hofgeismar public library:

Stadtbücherei, Marktstraße 18, 34369 Hofgeismar.

Monday 14:00 - 18:30
Tuesday 14:00 - 18:30
Wednesday 11:00 - 18:30
Thursday 14:00 - 18:30
Friday 11:00 - 16:00

You can also find the videos here on the site under:

From the Kramberg to the Diemelbrücke

You can find the complete route description under this link: dalang-wandern.de



Since 2004, we have been working on providing new art, wind and nature experiences in ever new places in Northern Hesse.

Thanks to our long-standing sponsors and active supporters, the festival, which is unique in Germany, is free of charge for visitors and offers the artists an excellent opportunity for presentation.

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