International Wind Art in Northern Hesse

wind art landscape
bewegter wind e.V. organises wind art festivals and offers for wind art and intercultural communication.
Wind is a symbol of spirit and communication in almost all cultures of the world.

"bewegter wind" stages wind art in this multifaceted landscape. Wind art is fleeting, can always be experienced anew and remains unfinished in a fascinating way. At various locations - in front of forests, high-altitude landscapes, lakes or quarries - objects are created that make the wind visible and allow it to merge with the art.

The international wind art festival takes place as a competition every two years at changing locations in the region. "bewegter wind" is a landscape exhibition with a supporting programme, art competition, artists' meeting, cultural exchange, exhibition tour and children's programme.

The 11th wind art festival "bewegter wind" took place from 13th-27th August, 2023 in Wolfhagen. We are looking forward to the 12th wind art festival from 17th-31st of August, 2025.

hr2 Kultur - Reta Reinl über das elfte Windkunstfestival in Nordhessen

In der Nähe von Wolfhagen – in Nordhessen bei Kassel gelegen– beginnt heute das elfte Windkunstfestival "bewegter wind". Die Künstlerin Reta Reinl aus Lichtenfels hat dieses Festival 2004 ins Leben gerufen und ist seitdem Kuratorin des Projekts. Sie erzählt über die vielfältigen Exponate von Künstlerinnen und Künstlern aus aller Welt, über die Verbindung von Kunst und Natur und wie sie auf die Idee für dieses Festival gekommen ist.

Sendung: hr2-kultur,
"Am Sonntagmorgen", 13.08.2023, 09:04 Uhr

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