International Wind Art in Northern Hesse

wind art landscape
bewegter wind e.V. organises wind art festivals and offers for wind art and intercultural communication.
Wind is a symbol of spirit and communication in almost all cultures of the world.

"bewegter wind" stages wind art in this multifaceted landscape. Wind art is fleeting, can always be experienced anew and remains unfinished in a fascinating way. At various locations - in front of forests, high-altitude landscapes, lakes or quarries - objects are created that make the wind visible and allow it to merge with the art.

The international wind art festival takes place as a competition every two years at changing locations in the region. "bewegter wind" is a landscape exhibition with a supporting programme, art competition, artists' meeting, cultural exchange, exhibition tour and children's programme.

The 11th wind art festival "bewegter wind" will take place from 13th-27th August, 2023 in Wolfhagen.

WindLand 50+1 from above

The participatory flag installation for the territorial reform anniversary in Lichtenfels showed the wind in the moving landscape in the Lichtenfels town area "Am Hamberg". WindLand offered extraordinary views and new experiences of wind and landscape.
bewegter wind e.V. organises the North Hessian Wind Art Festival and offers on wind art and intercultural communication. Wind is a symbol of spirit and communication in almost all cultures of the world. The special combination of nature, wind and art gets people moving and talking to each other and changes perception.

Together with the association based in Lichtenfels, the city of Lichtenfels was awarded the title of "Municipality of Diversity" in 2021 by the initiative "Open for Diversity" and the district president. The town of Lichtenfels with eight districts has now existed for 51 years.

The award and the anniversary of the territorial reform were the occasion for an art project. The offer "WindLand", which is free of charge for participants, reached different target groups such as locals, new citizens, families and young people. The concept with aspects of wind art and walk research was developed by the artist and association chairperson Reta Reinl. The objects were prepared by members of the association.

The design was about the perception of a landscape situation, visual axes and landscape spaces and about the wind. Together, the people of Lichtenfels created designs for installations, which were then realised in the landscape by means of wind objects such as flags, pennants or ribbons.

Landscape gradients, distant views, meadow cabinets offer a variety of possibilities for design ideas. About 200 flags were set up in the impressive landscape near the Schaaken monastery near Lichtenfels-Immighausen. The result will be opened on 21.8.2022 together with Lichtenfels Mayor Henning Scheele and accordion music by Welf Kerner with a tour, concert and picnic.

For one week, the installation on the Lichtenfels Panorama Trail then invited visitors to go on hikes, bike tours and sunsets with a wind experience. Free and outside and always open. The atmosphere in the evenings at the Hamberg with blood-red sunsets and wind objects in the summer evening wind was peaceful and intoxicating with always new guests who quickly got into conversation and amazement in this relaxed setting.

An event with so much community power also needed an appropriate finale.

On Sunday, 28.8.2022 at 5 pm, the organisers invited everyone to the closing party and a participatory concert by the Groove Company at the Schaaken monastery ruins.

The Groove Company team with Jörg Hillmann and Ingeborg Erler had songs to sing along to, body percussion, participatory rap and boomwhackers in their luggage. An unforgettable sounding community experience at the end!

Organiser: City of Lichtenfels in cooperation with bewegter wind e.V.


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