International Wind Art in Northern Hesse

wind art landscape
bewegter wind e.V. organises wind art festivals and offers for wind art and intercultural communication.
Wind is a symbol of spirit and communication in almost all cultures of the world.

"bewegter wind" stages wind art in this multifaceted landscape. Wind art is fleeting, can always be experienced anew and remains unfinished in a fascinating way. At various locations - in front of forests, high-altitude landscapes, lakes or quarries - objects are created that make the wind visible and allow it to merge with the art.

The international wind art festival takes place as a competition every two years at changing locations in the region. "bewegter wind" is a landscape exhibition with a supporting programme, art competition, artists' meeting, cultural exchange, exhibition tour and children's programme.

The 11th wind art festival "bewegter wind" took place from 13th-27th August, 2023 in Wolfhagen. We are looking forward to the 12th wind art festival from 17th-31st of August, 2025.

Windland in Lichtenfels


A participatory wind art installation for the anniversary of the territorial reform in Lichtenfels shows the wind in the moving landscape. WindLand attracts visitors to extraordinary views and new experiences of wind and landscape.

WindLand - publicly accessible wind art installation "Am Hamberg" near the Schaaken monastery ruins, 35104 Lichtenfels-Immighausen. The path is signposted from Lichtenfels-Goddelsheim and -Immighausen.

Opening: Sun., 21.8.2022, 11.30 a.m.

Closing concert: Sun. 28.8.2022, 5 p.m., Schaaken Monastery Ruin

Organiser: City of Lichtenfels in cooperation with bewegter wind e.V.

The town of Lichtenfels is celebrating an anniversary. For 51 years, the 8 districts of Dalwigksthal, Fürstenberg, Goddelsheim, Immighausen, Münden, Neukirchen, Rhadern and Sachsenberg have formed the large municipality in Waldeck-Frankenberg. Together with the Lichtenfels-based association "bewegter wind", Lichtenfels was awarded the title "Municipality of Diversity" in 2021 by the initiative "Open for Diversity" and the district president.

bewegter wind e.V. organises wind art festivals and offers on wind art and intercultural communication. Wind is a symbol of spirit and communication in almost all cultures of the world. The special combination of nature, wind and art gets people moving and talking to each other and changes perception.

In the "Wind Land" project, we want to explore our diverse landscape near the Schaaken monastery near Lichtenfels-Immighausen together with people from Lichtenfels and the surrounding area. There, on the Hamberg, we are looking for areas for wind art installations. Under professional guidance, the people of Lichtenfels will jointly develop design ideas and implement them.

In addition, guided hikes, a children's flag workshop "Lichtenfelser Zeichen", guided tours and bicycle tours are on offer.

On Sunday, 21.8.2022 at 11.30 a.m., the complete installation will be presented to visitors with a tour, concert and picnic.

On Sunday, 28.8.2022 at 5 pm, the organisers invite you to the final concert at the Schaaken monastery ruins.

Further information will be available here soon:

Detailed information:

From 21-28.8.2022 public exhibition with guided tours by arrangement.


 Tues. 16.8.2022 , 14-18 hrs ,Werkhalle/ Vereinsheim Orker Str.11

(back building), Lichtenfels- Sachsenberg:

Free children's flag workshop "Lichtenfelser Zeichen" (Lichtenfels Signs)

 Together with the children we will find out things typical for Lichtenfels:

Lichtenfels Castle, Nuhne, Orke, Aar, half-timbered houses, hedgehogs, forests and meadows. Flags will be designed with printing stamps and brushes. The children can take the flags home to their local district after they have been exhibited at the opening ceremony.

Participating children and young people aged 10 and over are welcome.

For registration and information, please call 06454-1445 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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