Performance Day

Saturday, 25/8/2018
Ehlen, from 3pm 
Dörnberg, from 5pm

what now - Sand-Graffities on walking

a walk through the city with performance/ intervention

what now, suddenly these two words are to be read in many places in Bielefeld's city centre, many read interestingly loudly, questions like: "what are they doing there?" or "is that allowed? A cyclist almost runs over a "what now" and apologizes, a Bielefeld cyclist is happy that something nice is happening again, children are eager to choose places, someone asks if this is an advertisement and for what, some are worried about the sand-graffities ("what a pity if someone steps on it carelessly") and always

again, the "what now" is commented or filled with content: the death of a close person, an accident at work, the question about the path of life, the hint to see the positive, the tip to go to the fair, an incentive to look more closely, teenagers do selfies, a man considers the new stage of life (retirement, grandchildren, expectations and so many plans...)

a stimulating city walk, not only at the end of the year, even in grey weather

Open all the time

The landscape exhibition

Videos daily (except Mon.)
from 10am to 5pm in the Habichtswald Nature Park Centre

Further events and current information: and on facebook
Extra tours for groups on request.


Sunday 2/9/18, 5pm

Award ceremony

in the Habichtswald Nature Park Centre
At the Dörnberg 13, 34289 Zierenberg


So. 8/26/2018, 10am-6pm

Nature Park Festival in and around the Habichtswald Nature Park Centre

(with guided tours with photo guide, photo exhibition history "bewegter wind", video contributions to "Wolken/clouds", children's action of Energie 2000 e.V., walk-by kite construction workshop with Anke Sauer

So. 8/26/18 from 2 pm


Adriano Cangemi
Raphaela Kula (überall),
Marcel Lawrence (Zierenberger hilltop),
Ton Oostveen (Zierenberger hilltop)



Saturday 25/8/18 and Saturday 1/9/18

Guided tours at both exhibition venues

2pm Katzenstein, Habichtswald

3,30pm Bus stop Alpenpfad,
On the Dörnberg, Zierenberg
Costs: 12 € / person

Wednesday, 22/8/2018, 5pm

Land Tour – "Clouds and Wind Picnic"

Registration required at
Habichtswald Nature Park Centre:
Phone: 0 56 06 / 53 32 66,

Meeting point: Parking lot Habichtswald Nature Park Centre
At Doernberg 13, Zierenberg,
18,- € incl. guided tour and picnic

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