Announcement of the Art Competition " moving wind 2018"

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"Clouds" - Freedom, forms and transformation:

"Clouds " is the theme of the 9th Wind Art Festival" bewegter wind ", which will take place from 19 August, 19th to September, 2nd, 2018 in Northern Hesse. Whether wind art objects, installations, videos or performances: artists from all over the world are invited to present themselves at this unique art event. The exhibition venues Zierenberg and Habichtswald are located in the immediate vicinity of Kassel, in the heart of Germany. The fascinating mountain landscape with Celtic sites, forests and lakes as well as the medieval town of Zierenberg offers a wide variety of outstanding exhibition opportunities. The wind art festival "bewegter wind" is accompanied by a theme-related supporting programme that invites visitors to discover landscapes and exhibits.

Artists are invited to submit their ideas on the competition theme "Clouds" by April the 9th, 2018. On August 13th, the public week of installation construction starts. The opening of the event will take place on 19th of August. The award ceremony will conclude the "moving wind 2018" on 2 September.  The prize money is 3,500 euros for the first place, 2,500 euros for second place and 1,500 euros for third place.

The organizer of the ideas competition and the exhibition is "bewegter wind e. V. - registered association for the promotion of wind art and intercultural communication. The curator is once again the artist Reta Reinl, who has been playing a major role in the organisation of the international wind art festival for 13 years. Partners and supporters are the County of Kassel, the Nature Park Habichtswald, the city of Zierenberg and the community of Habichtswald.

Countless possibilities for “cloud art”.

The term "clouds" is complex and interdisciplinary. In meteorology, clouds are defined as an accumulation of water and ice. Water droplets are formed around condensation cores, solar rays make them visible, the sun and wind set them in motion. Their variety of shapes is almost limitless. The shape of a cloud is constantly changing - not only due to the wind, but also in the context of the landscape surroundings. Meteorology distinguishes between the following cloud types: Stratus, Cumulus and Cirrus. All cloud forms can occur all over the world. Whether Sahara sand or environmental toxins - what do clouds actually transport?  

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The awardees

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Changing horizons

 The awardees of the 8th wind art festival “moved wind“


The theme of the 8th art competition of the “moved wind” art association in Northern Hesse, Germany, was “changing horizons“. Over a period of two weeks the association extended an invitation to experience 74 objects, installations, activities and performances as well as videos in different landscapes in and around Hofgeismar and Trendelburg. As the weather was great, many visitors accepted the invitation and were fascinated by the artists’ works and the cheerful atmosphere of the wind art festival. The organisers are happy with the feedback and the number of visitors from sunrise at the Offenberg to sunset at the “Friedenseiche” (Oak Tree of Peace); objects glowing in the dark at the “Burgberg” (castle hill) and a successful fringe programme rounded off the overall picture. The organisers would like to thank all supporters, sponsors, partners, cultural associations and helpers, without whom this landscape exhibition would not have been possible.
Wind is limitless, stands for renewal, ambivalence and a lot of energy. The theme of the competition, “changing horizons”, called for interpretation models: the artists centred the discussions on changing views and experiences, uncertainty and enrichment or departure and disappearance.
Reta Reinl, the curator, guided an expert jury through the exhibition spaces. The dedicated jurors were: 
  • Joachim Römer: artist, photographer/collagist, collector of messages in bottles, landscape artist, creator of moving pictures, walker of rivers and winner 2010
  • Daniel Sprenger: ·        landscape architect, diploma in „concept of nature“. In the international workshop- and exhibition series “temporary gardens© he examines acceptance and perspective of public urban spaces and the multilingual possibilities of landscape architecture.


  • Ralf Witthaus: ·        he studied art, design and international art management. He connects drawing, performance art, community art and landscape architecture expansively. In 2010, he organised a “Bundesrasenschau”  (“National Lawn Show”) in Cologne, a seven kilometer long drawing around the city. He curated the German EuroLandArt Festival and wrote for the art magazine “atelier”.


    The judging criteria were determined by the call for proposals: idea, implementation and realisation, topical reference, originality, context- and landscape reference, functionality, amongst others. The jurors were impressed by the various concepts and the variety of works. After discussion and deliberation the following prizes were awarded:


  • 1. First prize:

    Kirsten Sauer – kisa – for „Lost Horizon”,  Offenberg.

    Kirsten Sauer created a visual as well as audible installation by fastening ribbons in landscape-colours into a frame. The viewer is able to see the horizon through the frame, and the colours of the ribbons relate sensibly to the landscape. Most fascinating in this visualisation of landscape are the unusual combination and material – although it shows great simplicity, the viewer will hardly escape its strong impression.

  • 2. Second prize:
  • Anna and Michael Rofka for „Black Cloud, White Cloud“, Burgberg.
    In this installation, wooden components painted black and white are hung. They react to the wind and invite to be played with using sticks, thus creating in a poetical and playful way a space open for experience within the installation.
3. Third prizes

Since the jury declared two works of art, which, under one common theme, were most contrasting, award-worthy, the third prize was shared. Both the largest and the smallest artwork in relation to the horizon received an award:

Michael Klant „Wer tanzen kann mit Winden“,(who can dance with the winds), Burgberg.

A chartered plane tows a banner through the skies for the opening of the wind art festival. Although quite big, the writing appears tiny in the endless space of the clouds. At a later stage the artist places the letters within the landscape: now his letters are moving with the wind.

Katri Pekri und Alide Zvorovski „Auditorium“, Offenberg 

Close to 300 miniature chairs are placed systematically in a rectangle, facing one direction, like in a movie house. Bending down, one realises how much movement the wind creates in the low growing vegetation. This installation accentuates wind in a different way, through its own micro cosmos. Questions arise: who is looking? For whom was this beautiful space created? For us humans? 
The view of the surrounding landscape is magical.

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The award ceremony takes place during the cultural festival in Hofgeismar, with a concert of the “Trend Singers” taking place at the same time. Due to short-term notifications, not all award winners can be present. During the concert a slide show will give an overview of the exhibition and two very successful weeks in landscape and summer wind.


The catalogue of „changing horizons“ with superb photos of the exhibition is available and can be ordered at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The cost is 4.00 Euro, excluding postage. 

The next “moved wind” will take place from 19. August to 2. September 2018. 

8th call for proposals

moved wind – international wind art festival
including art competition, exhibition and framework programme
„changing horizons“
Call for proposals for the 8th international art competition „moved wind“
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„To make the invisible visible“ is a task and a challenge when looking at wind, a natural phenomenon as well as a metaphor.
The call for proposal allows for varied anticipations regarding associations with the subject: movement within landscapes.  Changing personal horizons and kens. Perspectives. Insights. Utopias. Boundless wind. Renewal. Relocation.
A total of 6,000 Euro prize money is awarded. Deadline for applications for the “ideas competition” is 29.3.2016. The call for proposal can be downloaded from . The exhibition in the landscapes will take place from 14.-28. August 2016 in Northern Hesse, Germany.
Here art interacts with wind and weather: „moved wind“ stages wind art in these diverse landscapes. Valleys, peaks, cityscapes form background, reference and sometimes counterpoint to the exhibition in the “wind art land” of Northern Hesse.
The wind art festival takes place every two years at three to five different locations in the region. “moved wind” is a landscape exhibition which includes an art competition, frame programme, artists’ gatherings, cultural exchange, guided tours of the exhibition and a children’s’ programme.
Since 2004 seven art competitions were announced internationally and held in our region. Wind objects, installations, performances and videos promise art- and nature- experiences in remarkable landscapes. Up to now, 475 art works by 384 artists from 37 countries were exhibited in 23 locations in the region.
What is the fascination of “wind”?
Global, invisible, perceptible in every movement, quiet or roaringly loud, meteorological and mythological. Wind is the only element which is not visible and is only perceived through its relationship to the other elements.
Wind is a natural phenomenon and a symbol of spirit. Around the globe there is the ambivalence of its features: whispering and stormy, howling and rustling, wild and tame, hot and cold, communicative and centered. Each landscape is shaped by wind, every culture has been influenced by wind. Various aspects of an invisible phenomenon occupy artists worldwide.
A short overview of the project
Wind art in landscapes in Northern Hesse has a successful history. The aim of the association “moved wind” is to show the intangible of wind and all its metaphors. Here, the unifying element of the intangible, the role and perception of art/nature/landscape are examined under the  global and inter-cultural aspects of one topic.
Exchange and co-operation regarding „wind art“ will be promoted. The frame programme as well as an art education programme will create awareness regarding wind art among visitors, locals, nature and sports tourists and children.
The aim is to create sustainable promotion of wind art as well as its intercultural spirit.

"Who can dance with the winds" - Artworks for 8th "moved wind" were chosen

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For the 8th art competition "moved wind" about the theme "changing horizons" the organizers received 158 applications from artists from 25 countries and 4 continents. On the diversity of ideas and designs from a Dada poem to a flight performance could be seen how many exciting aspects the competition theme includes. Changing views and experiences, uncertainty and enrichment, departure and disappearance edited the artists in their designs.

For the jury, experienced, international land art artists were engaged.
Carlotta Brunetti (artist and winner of the 4th moved wind 2008), Jarek Lustych (artist) selected the exhibits for the landscape exhibition along with Reta Reinl (artist, curator "moved wind").
They met for three days in Lichtenfels to come to know in detail all applications and make a selection.

At the 3 Hessian venues as Offenberg and Rocholl Park in Hofgeismar and Burgberg in Trendelburg-Deisel more than 80 works will be presented. In summer installations, objects and sculptures, performances and actions can be experienced as well as videos and an extensive supporting program.

bw16 M Klant Wer tanzen kann k4 

A flight action with the quote "Who can dance with the winds" of a Nietzsche poem is the idea of ​​the artist Michael Klant. In this ode Nietzsche used the wind as a metaphor for courage for the freedom of art and mental agility.
"Mistral wind, you Cloud Hunter, | Tribulation Killer, sky-broomer, | roaring one, how I love thee! ...
We dance in a thousand ways, | Free is our art | Cheerful our science! ...
Who cannot dance with winds | ... Who is there like the hypocrites, | Honor-dolts, Virtue geese | take them out of our Paradise "!
Friedrich Nietzsche: On the Mistral, first published in 1887 in "Songs of Prince Outlaw"

bw16 Amna Jawad Wind Tower Night shot k1   bw16 Amna Jawad Wind tower k2

Another example of the presence of the wind in many cultures is the work of Amna Jawad from Dubai. She has collected 160 different Arabic expressions for wind. She will build the installation "The Wind Tower - Barjeel" that picks up this element of traditional Arabic architecture and plays with the different elements.

The work "Auditorium" of the Estonian artists Katri Pekri and Alide Zvorovski takes up the issue as static. 300 porcelain chairs will be fixed and will invite to a mental perception of the landscape.

For more information on all participating artists will soon be on the website and on the facebook page “bewegter wind”. There you can sign also for a free newsletter.


The selection panel:

Carlotta Brunetti
Born in Milan / Italy, now lives near Munich, studying art history and history of art criticism in Florence and Munich, she was at Munich Art Academy, City and Guilds in London, then studied with Michael Croissant at the Art Academy Frankfurt / Main, Städelschule 1976, master student.

Jarek Lustych
Born in Poland, is a visual artist.
He received his MFA degree from Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts.  After his fifteen-year career following his basic training – printmaking, working in a confined space, he decided it was time for some change and enriched his work with an extra dimension. Since, he gladly participated in several international site-specific symposiums & AiR Programmes making sculptures,
installations and organizing street actions/interventions.

Reta Reinl
is an artist and curator. Working freelance since 1981 / as a curator since 1992 / collaborations and working stays in Europe / West Africa / South India, South America // exhibitions in Germany and abroad // works in public and private spaces // workspaces: textile objects, installations, wind drawings and - objects, conceptual art, intercultural communication, design and implementation of projects and exhibitions.

Applications from 24 countries


On the subject of " between" the 7th International Art Competition of " Moved Wind " was announced . 138 applications from 24 countries were received. The diversity of ideas was overwhelming. Installations, objects, performances, videos and actions show diverse aspects of the competition theme. For the selection of the submissions , the association for the promotion of wind art and intercultural communication fetched competent support.
The selection panel met in Sachsenberg. It consisted of Alexandra Berge (GF Kassel Kunstverein ), Joachim Römer ( artists, moved -wind- 2010 awardee ), Dr. Carola Schneider (art historian ), Dr. Ulrich Skubella ( Cultural Association Fritzlar ) and Reta Reinl (curator , moved wind eV) . The artist documents and materials were digitally processed and made available to the jurors in advance. The interpretation of the theme , originality, outdoor aspects and feasibility were taken into account. Upon immersion in ideas, designs and information, everything was discussed in detail : The session lasted nearly 8 hours. 61 designs , works and ideas were selected.

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