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From Russia to Argentina:

Conclusion and award of the artists at the international wind art festival "bewegter wind 2018" on the topic "Clouds".

Zierenberg / Habichtswald. On Sunday, September 2, 2018, the 9th Wind Art Festival "bewegter wind" came to a festive end. In front of numerous guests and artists, curator Reta Reinl drew an extremely positive conclusion. She said: "We estimate that a total of around 12,000 visitors from all over Germany attended the Wind Art Festival - they will certainly remember this unique experience of art and nature in Germany for a long time! For two weeks, art objects, videos and exciting performances could be experienced in front of special scenery in the Habichtswald nature park and in the Zierenberg district - free of charge and accessible at any time. "64 artists from 21 countries took part and devoted themselves to the theme 'Clouds - Clouds' from a wide variety of perspectives," reports Reta Reinl.

The artist Constanze Schüttoff showed walk-in, stranded data clouds, Alwie Arninkhoff had cumulus clouds piled up and the Turkish artists Hazal Cinar and Begüm Tekay attracted the attention of the visitors with their clouds to snap on. Equally popular were the word clouds by Gerhard Raab and the Social Cloud at Helfensteine, which the artist Ralf Witthaus created with numerous volunteers from the region as a lawnmower drawing. Furthermore, Judith Mann made a cloud palpable and tangible with her “Nebel-Aue” and Jürgen Heinz showed the perpetual, fascinating dance of clouds in "Moving Clouds". Curator Reta Reinl emphasizes: "Not only the artists named as examples, but all participating artists have contributed to an all-round successful event with their works. Our wind art festival is also distinguished by its strong local presence: Many visitors took the opportunity to get in touch with international artists, for example during the week of construction, and thus experience art up close.

Excellent cloud art!

At the award ceremony for the most outstanding exhibits, the jury caused a surprise: instead of the planned second and third prizes, a divided second place was awarded. In addition, there was a special prize for an extraordinarily impressive performance.

1st prize: "The suspension bridge in the cloud" by Aleksei Dmitriev (Russia)

A fragile and fascinating wooden sculpture: the artist Aleksei Dmitriev has collected branches and twigs in the Dörnberg nature reserve and created a sculpture from them. Its form seems to have been poured into the landscape - and offers the viewer a constantly new impression from every perspective and from the most diverse distances and near distances. The Russian artist's source of inspiration lies in his childhood: a memory of electric masts and wires whose tips disappear into a deep mist cover. This reminds us of Walter Benjamin's spatial-cartographic concept of memory. "Anyone who has once begun to open up the fan of memory will come across something long forgotten," writes the German philosopher. As Benjamin describes as a collector of everyday things and stories in his flaneur figure, Dmitriev also finds remains and traces of branches broken off by the wind, animals or people. Using this material, he designs an open and never-ending sculpture in the geography of the landscape. The folds of his childhood memories, the landscape and the spatial sculpture are intertwined.

2nd prize, shared: "2202m" Video by Irena Paskali (Macedonia)

The work of the artist Irena Paskali moves in the field of tension between freedom and limitation: in her video double projection she deals with the political question of global migration - and shows a cinematic stocktaking of the EU border situation in her home country Macedonia. The cloud is a symbol of freedom and boundlessness: with floating lightness it overcomes all borders erected by humans, while fleeing humans are abruptly stopped. The importance of the cloud as a store of knowledge also plays a role: the collection of data on migration movements serves the political goal of limiting it as much as possible. With impressive and touching landscape and sound recordings, Irena Paskali's video work conveys the threatening and fictional nature of a border situation in 2017/18.

2nd prize, shared:"...Clouds over..." by Heinz Schmid (Switzerland)

What makes looking at clouds so fascinating? One reason is probably the constant change of the celestial formations, which creates a lot of space for fantasy and illusion. And just as clouds constantly change in correspondence with the wind and the landscape, the object ensemble of the Swiss artist Heinz Schmid also has a highly dynamic and fascinating effect. His cloud objects, installed in an extraordinary way in the landscape, show themselves to the viewer from ever new perspectives. Just as clouds only become visible through light scattering, the light metal objects appear through the movement of the viewer in a constantly changing relationship of objects and surrounding geography. Following the phenomenological description of the French philosopher Maurice Merleau-Ponty, the spatiality of the ensemble and nature appears only in the movement of the visitors in changing relation to each other. Thus Schmid dissolves the naturalistic shaping of the ensemble as clouds in favour of complex perception of nature and art - an objective that Schmid already hints at in the title of his work"...Wolken über...".

Special Prize "NAGUAL - Moved by the wind", Performance by Adriano Cangemi (Argentina)

The jury will award a special prize to Adriano Cangemi for his impressive performance on Sunday, 26 August. In his approximately 25-minute performance at Katzenstein, he congenially combined elements of acrobatics with narrative-performative aspects. The professional acrobat and "artist" in the best sense used his physical artistry to make the vulnerability of the connection between man and nature tangible. The spectacular performance venue on the edge of the hill - with a wide view of the valley and Habichtswald-Dörnberg - made the live performance an impressive experience for the numerous visitors. Last but not least, it was the enthusiasm and emotion of the audience that prompted the jury to award this special prize.

Excellent work, enthusiastic jury

This year's jury was made up of Monique Behr (art historian, curator of the Museum für Kommunikation in Frankfurt), Achim Lengerer (Berlin artist and performer - known in Kassel for his work for documenta 14: "different time, different place, different pitch") and Joachim Römer (artist, bottle post collector and prize winner of the "bewegter wind” 2010").

With regard to all exhibits on display, the expert jury praised the careful and varied placement of the individual works at the exhibition venues of the Habichtswald Nature Park, around the Katzenstein in the municipality of Habichtswald and in the Dörnberg Nature Reserve along the Alpine Trail, the Helfensteinen and Hohen Dörnberg. In addition, the jury focused on the variety of materials used and the high level of interdisciplinarit

Art is created together: Thanks to supporters and helpers

Harald Kühlborn from the district of Kassel drew attention to the importance of the wind art festival for the region at the award ceremony. He said: "We are delighted that the ninth edition of the 'moving wind' has taken place in the district of Kassel - for our citizens and guests alike this was a unique experience of art and nature! The mayor of the city of Zierenberg, Stefan Denn, commented: "Whether blue skies on the opening day, hunting clouds at the performance day and nature park festival or rain showers at the end of the festival: the cloud exhibits invited us to discover our wonderful natural landscape again and again from new perspectives and against new backgrounds". Britta Hartmann-Barth, director of the Habichtswald Nature Park Centre, is also extremely satisfied with the wind art festival. "The topic of clouds has given us a completely new, sometimes astonishing view of the familiar landscape. The Wind Art Festival has shown that art not only inspires people to think about political topics, but that art also brings people into conversation with each other: On the way from artwork to artwork there have been numerous positive discourses and encounters - that has impressed me very much"! The wind art festival "bewegter wind" could only be realized thanks to the support of sponsors and partners. Therefore, bewegte wind e.V. would like to thank the district of Kassel, the municipality of Habichtswald, the Habichtswald Nature Park, the city of Zierenberg, the Kasseler Sparkasse, EAM, the German Wind Energy Association, Stadtwerke Wolfhagen, art regio - SparkassenVersicherung and AGiL. Curator Reta Reinl also emphasises: "At the end of our successful wind art festival, we would also like to thank the numerous people who have actively helped on site: For example, farmers who provided exhibition space, helpers during the construction weeks and, not least, numerous local residents who provided accommodation for the artists. Our sincere thanks go to all of them!"

More details of all participating artists, you can find here: