Applications from 24 countries


On the subject of " between" the 7th International Art Competition of " Moved Wind " was announced . 138 applications from 24 countries were received. The diversity of ideas was overwhelming. Installations, objects, performances, videos and actions show diverse aspects of the competition theme. For the selection of the submissions , the association for the promotion of wind art and intercultural communication fetched competent support.
The selection panel met in Sachsenberg. It consisted of Alexandra Berge (GF Kassel Kunstverein ), Joachim Römer ( artists, moved -wind- 2010 awardee ), Dr. Carola Schneider (art historian ), Dr. Ulrich Skubella ( Cultural Association Fritzlar ) and Reta Reinl (curator , moved wind eV) . The artist documents and materials were digitally processed and made available to the jurors in advance. The interpretation of the theme , originality, outdoor aspects and feasibility were taken into account. Upon immersion in ideas, designs and information, everything was discussed in detail : The session lasted nearly 8 hours. 61 designs , works and ideas were selected.

Included are a turbine tower , word banners , wind- sensitive installations, actions for capturing wind sound , chaos theories , a performance with a water drop, a castle in the air and much more . It will be interesting how all these artists work will be staged in the North Hessian countryside and make tangible "between" states. The association found wonderfully contrasting landscape situations once again. More about this and the staging of the wind art, soon

More information about the jurors here:

Alexandra Berge
born in 1973 , learned bookseller , after a brief insight into the art science and philosophy swivel to the study of business administration in Bamberg. Working since 2009 in various projects as a culture and a project manager .
2009/10 technical management of media art exhibition Monitoring under the Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival , 2009-2012 Managing Director of Nachrichtenmeisterei GbR at the Kassel culture station , a network of creative and cultural sector , received the award of the city of Kassel.
Since 2010 Head of the office of the Kasseler Kunstverein , responsible among other things, for the organization of exhibitions . Since 2014 co-founder of THEATER zwei.

Joachim Römer - Moved Wind 2010 awardee
Photo mechanic , a bottle collector , landArtist , Bewegtbildner , Telefonkrackler , river walker, ,

Dr. Carola Schneider, an art historian from Rosenthal has developed a special spot for contemporary art and curated numerous, partly international exhibitions. The project " Moved Wind "has a close connection between art and nature. The creative force of the wind , which makes moments of surprise , is a particular challenge for both the artists and the organizers of the project. The wide range of applications includes all artistic media. She looks forward to the presentation of the selected works of art at the various venues in the landscape of Northern Hesse!

Dr. Ulrich Skubella , culture club Fritzlar, arts person ( a performing pianist , principal professional doctor). Interested and involved in a lot of, that has to do with art .

Reta Reinl , artist, curator of moved wind eV since 2004 , www.reta -

With the kind support of: SUN - Stadtwerke Union North Hesse / / Kassel - documenta city , environment - and Garden Office / / Kasseler Sparkasse / / German Wind Energy Association / / Städtische Werke AG / / art regio -SV SparkassenVersicherung / / wpd - think energy