"From wind to wind " calendar 2019-2020

"From Wind to Wind" - Calendar for 24 Months

The title of the now printed calendar "From Wind to Wind" is programmatic. Impressive photos of the 9th wind art festival "bewegter wind" on the theme "clouds" will shorten the waiting time until the 10th wind art festival in 2020. The photos of visitors and artists have captured the special atmosphere of the wind art festival. They also show how appropriately the clouds have always staged art in the landscape in a very special way. All kinds of weather - except rain - were represented.You can buy the “From wind to wind”-calendar at the Habichtswald Nature Park Centre in Zierenberg and at the Cafe Bahnhof in Calden-Fürstenwald with Kordula Klose. You can also order it directly from "bewegter wind" e.V. at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your postal address and get it for 12 € each plus postage refund.

View the embedded image gallery online at:
In the summer of 2018, almost 70 artists from 21 countries were in the Habichtswald Nature Park to show their work on the theme "Clouds".

Around the Dörnberg and the Katzenstein they installed their art in the diverse landscape. Interpretations from meteorology via metaphor, social cloud and knowledge storage were to be discovered. Wind art attracted many visitors from all over Germany to the exhibition of the association "bewegter wind" e.V.. Art and nature lovers were enthusiastic about the art and landscape experiences that the Wind Art Festival offered its visitors for the 9th time.

The calendar is in the format 42 cm x 29.7 cm, has 14 pages and costs 12 €. Impressive photos of objects, installations, videos and performances in special landscape situations are reminiscent of a summer full of art and arouse the anticipation of the next Wind Art Festival in 2020. Interesting detail is the calendar, which shows two years simultaneously and the upcoming festival time.


The finissage and the award winners

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From Russia to Argentina:

Conclusion and award of the artists at the international wind art festival "bewegter wind 2018" on the topic "Clouds".

Zierenberg / Habichtswald. On Sunday, September 2, 2018, the 9th Wind Art Festival "bewegter wind" came to a festive end. In front of numerous guests and artists, curator Reta Reinl drew an extremely positive conclusion. She said: "We estimate that a total of around 12,000 visitors from all over Germany attended the Wind Art Festival - they will certainly remember this unique experience of art and nature in Germany for a long time! For two weeks, art objects, videos and exciting performances could be experienced in front of special scenery in the Habichtswald nature park and in the Zierenberg district - free of charge and accessible at any time. "64 artists from 21 countries took part and devoted themselves to the theme 'Clouds - Clouds' from a wide variety of perspectives," reports Reta Reinl.

The artist Constanze Schüttoff showed walk-in, stranded data clouds, Alwie Arninkhoff had cumulus clouds piled up and the Turkish artists Hazal Cinar and Begüm Tekay attracted the attention of the visitors with their clouds to snap on. Equally popular were the word clouds by Gerhard Raab and the Social Cloud at Helfensteine, which the artist Ralf Witthaus created with numerous volunteers from the region as a lawnmower drawing. Furthermore, Judith Mann made a cloud palpable and tangible with her “Nebel-Aue” and Jürgen Heinz showed the perpetual, fascinating dance of clouds in "Moving Clouds". Curator Reta Reinl emphasizes: "Not only the artists named as examples, but all participating artists have contributed to an all-round successful event with their works. Our wind art festival is also distinguished by its strong local presence: Many visitors took the opportunity to get in touch with international artists, for example during the week of construction, and thus experience art up close.

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Exhibition venues and event flyer

Here you can download the event flyer  and here the map for an overview  

bewegter wind 2018 clouds Flyer1 Titelbewegter wind 2018 Uebersichtskarte k

Wind Art objects and sculptures, installations, performances and videos that deal with the fascinating aspects of “clouds / Wolken” in a playful or critical way will be on show at the 9th Wind Art Festival “bewegter wind”.
Clouds are boundless and constantly create new shapes and colours which inspired artists from all over the world. The range of exhibits spans from purely sensuous interpretations to works with environmental and socio-critical content. We can expect a truly exciting and varied exhibition.
The art works will be on show from August 19th to September 2nd 2018 around the “Katzenstein” in the community of Habichtswald and in the Dörnberg Nature Reserve in the town of Zierenberg, situated in the Habichtswald Nature Park.

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Invitation to vernissage "bewegter Wind" 2018

Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear friends of the wind art,

on Sunday, August 19th,2018 the 9th wind art festival "bewegter wind" will be opened with the theme "clouds".
The variety of ideas on the different aspects of clouds is stunning. The topic includes meteorology, freedom symbolism, climate change, society, politics and poetry.
With these links you can get a first impression and find out the locations of the works of art: Flyer Page 1 / Flyer Page 2

We want to invite you to the opening on Sunday, August, 19th at 11 am at Katzenstein (near Habichtswald-Dörnberg on the street B251 towards Kassel)!
After the opening and the tour at Katzenstein we will meet at the bus stop Alpenpfad at about 2:30 pm to continue the tour.
The video contributions are to be seen from 10 am to 5 pm in the nature park center Habichtswald, Auf dem Dörnberg 13, Zierenberg.

We would be happy to welcome you in this wonderful landscape and walk with you in the clouds! Think of suitable footwear! The paths are signposted and marked with blue ribbons.

Many greetings

Reta Reinl


Selection jury

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Complex. International. Surprising.                                 
Jury has selected artists for the wind art festival "bewegter wind” 2018

Zierenberg / Habichtswald. 183 artists from 27 nations have submitted their applications for the wind art festival "bewegter wind 2018" - now the jury has selected the 88 most outstanding works. These are wind art objects and sculptures, installations, performances and videos that playfully or critically deal with the fascination of "Clouds", this year's theme. The works will be exhibited from August 19th to September 2nd, 2018 in special locations in the municipality of Habichtswald and of Zierenberg in Northern Hesse, Germany.

Curator Reta Reinl is enthusiastic about the complexity of the submitted works: "Clouds are fascinating sculptures in the sky - boundless, constantly changing, constantly creating new forms and layers of colour. This theme has inspired artists around the globe!" And she adds: "The spectrum of exhibits ranges from purely sensual interpretations to works with environmental and socially critical echoes - an exciting and varied exhibition awaits us!

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