places of event

moved wind -- windy art in hilly landscape

17. - 31.8. 2008 in Geopark Waldeck-Frankenberg in Hesse/ Germany.

Open Air exhibition of wind objects, performances, wind sounds and installations of artists from 17 countries concerning "windform"

From all wind directions and from three continents the applications came for the art competition, which called for the 4th time.
Opening is on 17 August at 11 o'clock in Twistetal Gembeck  with a big programme and amarvellous sight.
Further places of the windy exhibition are the famous "Korbacher Spalte" , the National Park Center near Lake "Edersee"
and the visitor mine Bertsch in Bad Wildungen-Bergfreiheit, what some call the home of Grimm's Snow White .