frame program 2012


6th International Art Competition „Moved Wind“
„AIR condition(s)“ Landscape Exhibition North Hesse 19.8. - 2.9.2012

Varied Frame Programme: Biketours, Sightseeing Flights, Wind Picnic, Sundowner

The 6th landscape exhibition „moved wind“ under the title „AIR condition(s)“ offers a diverse frame programme for culturally and technically interested people, nature and sports lovers, young and old and for everybody who wants to feel the fresh air of art and landscape and drift along through the afternoon and the evening.

In each of the three locations you find about 20 works of art, that is: the Kugelsburg in Volkmarsen, the Graner Berg (Hill) in Wolfhagen- Bründersen und the wind park in Wolfhagen-Istha. All three sites can be reached by car or by bike, by train or on foot. Too stressful? For a round trip to all the exhibition sites and for tours from Kassel to Volkmarsen special e-bike-tours have been planned which can be booked at the tourist offices of the towns of Wolfhagen and Bad Arolsen or directly with Movelo (information under the following link: If you feel like it and have time, you can do it all in two days with one overnight stay. In the prepared tour set, a map, an e-bike and an exhibition catalogue are included.

If this is still too stressful, but you want to get a good overview of the exhibition in any case, you can book a sightseeing trip by plane. From the airport “Graner Berg“ in Bründersen round trips of all the exhibition sites are offered for the price of 25 €. They can be booked at the “Luftsportverein” (aerial sport club) Wolfhagen. ( contact via

The exhibition will be opened on 19th August at 11 am at the Kugelsburg, to be followed by guided tours near Graner Berg and in Istha.

Wind art? What is that supposed to be? In which way have the artists put the competition theme „AIR condition(s)“ into practise? These questions are dealt with in the guided tours offered. Open tours are organized on Saturdays at 3pm. For groups additional tours are possible. These tours can be combined with a breakfast, a wind picnic and/or a sundowner. Enjoy the view over the exhibition and the wonderful landscape with a drink at dawn.

What did the artist think of? Do you sometimes ask yourself that question? You would like to talk about that with the artist. Right! That’s why we are offering talks with the artists.

Since we, at „AIR condition(s)“, also care for a human and personal atmosphere, there will be an open air cinema showing the film „Ziemlich beste Freunde“ by Olivier Nakache und Éric Toledano at the Kirchplatz (church square) in Wolfhagen-Istha on 24th August. Organizer is the registered association of the friends for village development and renewal, Istha district, in collaboration with the cinema Wolfhagen. You’ll be offered wine, snacks and music after 6 pm, the film will start at 9 pm following the visit of the exhibition in the wind park.

What could go better with wind art than the flight of fascinating birds of prey? At the weekends, you can visit a falcon show of the falconry Kroll at the Kugelsburg in Volkmarsen.

On Sunday, 26th August at 4 pm the performance day of the art competition with sundowner will take place in the wind park in Istha.

For the young and young at heart the exhibition offers something special: on Wednesday, 29th August you can take part in a kite building workshop. For a little fee to cover costs you are instructed how to build a trapezoid kite and make it rise up into the air. This offer is suitable for groups, school classes, kindergarten, youth groups but also individual visitors.

The exhibition ends by the awarding of the prizes which takes place on 2nd September at 5 pm in the wind park in Istha. To this final event with music all guests are welcome.

In addition to breakfast, wind picnic and sundowners, culinary delights are provided by the Gaststätte (restaurant) on the Kugelsburg in Volkmarsen which will be open every day from 2 pm for the entire time of the exhibition.

You can get up-to-date information in our free newsletter. All links and detailed information can be found on the website under “Rahmenprogramm” (frame programme).

Background information, dates and facts below. UM 27.6.2012