Announcement 2006

„moved wind"

Invitation to compete

wind objects in art competition and exhibition  3.  – 17 . September ,2006

‘Wind spaces‘ is the theme of the art competition ‘Wind in Motion’ for the year 2006.

The open-air exhibition takes place in the sweeping hilly landscape of North Hesse in Germany.Art and nature will be staged together and will invite the onlooker to explore.

Wind objects and LandArt of any kind are the subject.

Wind spaces are the spaces that the wind forms when it whispers, sings  or storms on through matter. There are wind spaces in our landscape and they join together in a dance through the world.
Are these wind spaces also places/spaces of art and culture ? Will the individual piece merge with the heterogenity of the surroundings, and vice versa ?  There are many ways to handle the theme and promote artistic language and expression.

The District of Waldeck-Frankenberg is the organiser of both competition and exhibition – in cooperation with artist Reta Reinl and Susanna Krobisch of the Events Agency , La fete. The exhibition of the wind objects will take place in three to five different places in the region in the period of 3. – 17. September 2006 .
Last day of entry ist he 21th of August, 2006 .
The prize giving ceremony should probably be on Friday the 15 th of September.

The theme of the competition  has been described in an open way in order to leave enough room for inspiration , fantasy , creativity and innovation. The organisers are looking forward to a rich variety of ideas  and techniques in suitable weather-proof materials and in two or three dimensional objects.

A jury of artists, art historians and public figures will judge the objects.
The art prize is 1,500 euros.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a programme that invites  viewers to walk about the countryside and explore the exhibits. In cooperation with local organisers and partners, some of the following will be possible: open-air concerts, rambles, picnics, wind games, bicycle and canoe tours, photo competitions, memory games about the landscape and the  wind objects, wind music …

moved-wind 2006 Announcement, english version